360 S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: Upgraded Performance

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On April 15, 360 will release a new generation of robot vacuum cleaner at Gearbest.com – 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner with LDS laser navigation. Compared to other expensive or similar products, the 360 S5 is equipped with upgrade features and software but offers really affordable price.

360 S5

First, you can check the main specs of the 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner.

Product name 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner
Product size 350 x 350 x 100mm
Product weight 3.6kg
Path planning LDS Laser navigation + SLAM algorithm
Working mode Roller brush + Suction
Suction Power (Pa) 2000Pa
Suction mode Quiet/Standard/Max
Number of sensors 16
Mopping Function No
Voice control via Tianmao AI Yes
Dust bin capacity 0.55L
Min/max noise 65dB≤Adjustable
App control Yes
Battery capacity 2600mAh
Battery life 110mins
Barrier Height (in/cm) 0.78-inch/2.0cm
Charging mode Manual/Automatic

360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner comes with LDS laser navigation and SLAM algorithm, upgraded 2000Pa but low-level noise than others, especially added multiple sensors and omnidirectional anti-collision protection. No hidden area, no repeat sweeping, easy to beat 60% of the lazy people on housework in the country and save you a lot of time.

How about the specific design and performance of the new 360 S5 vacuum cleaner? Here are the answers.

Design: less is more, zero efforts for installation
Since the rise of simple style among high-tech products, the appearance of 360 S6 vacuum cleaner also adopts pure white color with a matte cover, only 2 buttons on the panel, which easy to be operated by users to turn on/off or recharge.

Holding two buttons for 3s to reset the WiFi, and the consumables have already been installed in the host. In other words, it can be used directly when you received without extra assembling. It’s really ideal for lazy people!

The metal on the side is the charging electrode and the air outlet. Filter cotton is inside of the air outlet, one for ash-filter, one for noise-reduction.

Suction performance: enhanced cleaning ability
S5 comes with NIDEC brushless motor, suction power increase to 2000Pa with 4 adjustment modes. It can be adjusted automatically according to the different ground conditions while changing suction from 1200 to 2000Pa. The garbage on the ground can be inhaled very well, including powder, soybeans, granules, etc.

Talking about the hard reached corners, 80% can be cleaned, after second sweeping it will clean all. 10cm slim body ideal for entering under the bed or kitchen cabinet.

Intelligent path planning is the key feature of vacuum cleaner before cleaning. Building a high-coverage map on your APP, S5 will follow the route to start work or clean twice under your instruction of spot cleaning.

Through the test, S5 can climb up to 2.0m obstacles or carpet effortless, no worry about the high-threshold of the house, vacuum cleaner will start intelligent gear shift to sweep fast in some places, preventing slag and fly ash. What about the noise? Much lower than similar products, next time I will show you the test result, and 3 modes for selection: quiet, standard and max.

Cleaning components: multifunctional brushes and sensors
Single brush: no added value of double-brush, S5 adopts one-sided brush on the right to sweep along the edge, so the walking route of S5 drives on the right, too.

Main brush: in the middle of the main brush has a wave shape, and two small iron bars on the interface to avoid absorbing large objects which may cause breakdowns.

Universal wheel: the universal wheels is flexibly to follow your instructions or automatically plan the path, the bump texture of the other two main wheels also has an excellent impact on anti-slip

4 anti-drop sensors: the sensors help to reduce the risk of falling and bumping.

Dust bin: Open the cover of the vacuum cleaner, lift up the dust collector with ease like Xiaomi, top right corner is the WiFi indicator and Reset button. (Recommend to clean it once a week).

Humanized design: more perfect functions on your hand
It mainly includes APP remote control function and auto-recharge and auto-resume function.

1. APP Remote control
Multiple map management function on your hand, you can choose one of them to wake up your vacuum cleaner.

Download “360 Smart” and log in, connect to WiFi, bind your S5 product, start to use robotic cleaner. In my using experience, the robot will come up with a voice “Start working!” after you give instructions through APP. To your surprise, the voice reminder can be changed: characters, not disturb, or turn off. The virtual wall function is very practical, never mind the vacuum cleaner to enter to bathroom or backyard by accident. In addition, see clearly on your mobile phone to know the location of cleaner robot, and remind you the emergency problem instantly.

I suggest to update the software(=optimize algorithm) when the first time you use, and it should be connected to charge dock at the same time

2. Auto-recharge and auto-resume
2600mAh is not the largest capacity battery in the market, but enough to sweep the entire home. If the battery is lower than 20%, cleaner will find the way back to the charging dock easily and quickly, even you move the dock to other places.

Conclusion and suggestion
Generally speaking, the 360 S5 is smarter vacuum cleaner and it can offer 30% improved cleaning efficiency than other ordinary vacuum.

Pros: best path planning, high-coverage of the house, strong cleaning suction for majority sweeping, more APP functions, and lower noise. It is really a fully functional robotic cleaner for housework and offers super value for money.

Cons: a little worry about the battery capacity, but enough to sweep within 40 minutes. The corner sweeping may not completely, but the same problem as other vacuum cleaners

Finally, according to our test and use experience, we made an overall evaluation for the 360 S5 robot vacuum cleaner as follows.

360 S5

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