5th Annual E&C Audio Event, Shenzhen 2021

This has been a fantastic weekend so far with the 5th E&C Annual Audio Carnival, the first event of 2021 at Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen China. We got the opportunity to have an excellent day there experiencing the latest and upcoming products from worldwide brands.

E&C Audio Event

Famous brands including DUNU, iFi Audio, RK Acoustics, HiBy, Hidizs, Shanling, TFZ, and many more stood under the same roof and showcased their latest, upcoming, and under-development prototype models to the world. It was a day very well spent with so great products to explore.

DUNU is the title sponsor of the event. They brought their entire product range with them, SA6, SA3, LUNA, and the very latest Zen. Along with all these latest products, DUNU also showcased their upcoming multi-driver hybrid pair of IEMs featuring 2 EST drivers. It is called EST112, the number 112 represents the driver configuration of the pair((1DD+1BA+2EST). We got to try this really beautiful pair and just simply loved the smooth, detailed presentation with it. The release date and price of DUNU EST112 are yet to be disclosed, but the brand representative has told us it will be priced lower than the current EST driver high-end IEMs in the market. Super Interesting!!

iFi Audio
iFi Audio is a famous name in the industry for its high-performance portable DAC/AMP solutions. At the 5th Annual E&C event, they showcased their latest iFi iDSD Diablo DAC/AMP system. It is a super-powerful device equipped with a reliable Burrbrown DAC chipset and a fully balanced 4.4mm headphone output. The device can be connected using USB 3.0, 3.5mm(Coaxial and Optical) input with Windows PC and portable Android/iOS devices. Improve your music experience with the iFi Diablo as it supports all Hi-res file formats up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD 512 natively. The device features a large 4800mAh battery for portable use. It will be available starting 20th January 2021. The price will be disclosed shortly.

Key features of iFi Diablo
– High-resolution file support up to 32-Bit/768kHz and DSD512 natively.
– Dual-core native decoding Burr-Brown DAC chip.
– Fully Bal 4.4mm output with Single-ended 6.35mm output.
– Upgraded Direct-Drive and Headamp Turbo Technology.
– Upgraded Femtosecond clock system for Low Phase Noise/Jitter.
– Upgraded Operational Amplifiers.
– OS-CON polymer capacitors and Panasonic fever-level ECPU film capacitors.
– Contains iPower 5V ultra-low noise power adapter.
– Available from 20th January, Pre-orders will begin shortly.

Shanling has brought its latest M3X Android Hi-res player. The Shanling M3X is the world’s first Android Hi-res player to feature the latest ES9219C DAC chip, and we got to experience its super smooth sound quality. The M3X features a completely balanced 4.4mm output with two of the ES9219C DAC chips. The player also supports full 16X MQA decoding providing exceptional Hi-res music entertainment on the go. It offers a fast and intuitive UI. The most interesting part is the battery life, the player shows superb battery life. Shanling claims it has a battery life of up to 23 hours!!! It will be available in March 2021. For more information check out our blog page of M3X here.

At the event, we got to experience the latest HiBy R8 and HiBy R6 2020 Hi-res players. They offer a splendid performance, Super smooth UI, and just outstanding acoustic performance. But that is not just it, HiBy has showcased two new high-resolution in-ear monitors, the HiBy Crystal 4 and the HiBy Crystal 6. They both offer a multi-BA driver setup, Crystal 4 housing 4 BA drivers on each side, and Crystal 6 housing 6 BA drivers on each side. They sound just amazing, We got to spend like half an hour with each of them and that just felt less. We just can’t wait for the release of these beautiful looking and excellent sounding earphones.

HiBy also showcased their latest portable USB DAC/AMP, the HiBy FC3. It is a low-power consumption high-performance portable DAC/AMP with full MQA support. The FC3 features Type-C and Lightning connectors. All these will be released soon, We hope in the first quarter of 2021.

RK Acoustics (Ranko Acoustics)
Ranko Acoustics is a well-known high-end audio cable and connector manufacturing brand. At the 5ht Annual E&C, They showcased a portable USB Type-C DAC/AMP, Ranko REA-Mini, and a pair of high-fidelity in-ear monitors, Ranko RIE-1000. The Ranko REA-Mini is a high-resolution portable USB Type-C DAC/AMP with MQA decoding support. It features USB Type-C input and a 3.5mm headphone output port. The device features an ES9218C high-performance DAC chip from Sabre Technologies and supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DoP128.

The Ranko RIE-1000 is an affordable high-fidelity pair of in-ear monitors that feature a powerful dynamic driver paired with a balanced armature driver unit. The pair has a splendid performance, we enjoyed listening to music with these elegant IEMs. The release date and Price of both of these will be revealed shortly.

We will be bringing their high-end accessories to our store at HiFiGo soon too.

Not only these, there were also plenty of other brands including Tipsy, TFZ, Hidizs showcasing their latest products to the fans. Hidizs has plans for releasing two new IEMs and three new hi-res audio players this year. Today was a superb day at the event. We just love exploring the HiFi audio range. We just can’t wait for tomorrow to go again and explore more!! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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