Alfawise V10: Avago A3050 based USB wired gaming mouse

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Recently, GearBest’s exclusive brand Alfawise has entered the gaming mouse market by releasing a new Avago 3050 based wired gaming mouse called Alfawise V10. This new product is professionally made for PC gamers which are designed and engineered with ergonomics and enhancing features but comes with a budget price. Now, let’s take a first look at the features and specifications of the Alfawise V10.

Alfawise V10

The Alfawise V10 comes with a common shape of a gaming mouse along with a 1.6m cord with microUSB interface. But Alfawise did an excellent job on its ergonomics by giving it the perfect size and details. The V10 measures a size of 13.00 x 6.50 x 3.50 cm. The mouse’s surface can withstand the corrosion of stains and sweat. On the right and left side of the mouse is designed with rubberized textures which prevent the mouse from slipping out of hand and offers comfortable feeling for thumb and fingers at the meantime. The main function keys include the left and right keys, a roller, a DPI loop button on the mouse, and a forward and a backward key on the left side. Besides, at the bottom of the mouse, there are a light adjusting key and a return rate adjusting key. There is a design of low friction surfaces at the mouse bottom that allow users to glide their mouse with ease. Thanks to the perfect ergonomics, your hand will never feel fatigued even after hours of gaming with the Alfawise V10 gaming mouse.

In addition to offer the best ergonomics, the Alfawise V10 also offers great performance. As a wired gaming mouse, it’s more stable and better to avoid issues with mouse lag. Moreover, by adopting professional Avago A3050 optical engine, it can intelligently change with the moving speed of the palm of the player which solves the phenomenon of losing the frame. Outside of the game, you can create DPI levels for your mouse that you can switch at will with your on-mouse DPI button. Alfawise V10 offers four options of adjustable DPI including 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000. The higher the DPI the further the mouse pointer will move on the screen. And the return rate is also can be changed via the return rate adjusting key at the bottom.

The Alfawise V10 also comes with RGB backlight which makes you have a wonderful gaming enjoyment. The RGB light effect is shown at the bottom, the roller and the Alfawise logo on the mouse’s body. You can change the light mode (four modes) via the light adjusting key at the bottom of the mouse. For a better experience of customization, Alfawise also offers a programming driver (download here) for users to DIY the key function.

– Good Ergonomics
– Avago A3050 optical engine
– Adjusting DPI, return rate and RGB lighting
– Programmable driver
– Affordable

– No left-handed or ambidextrous option available

If you’re looking for a perfect gaming mouse like the Alfawise V10, you can buy it now from for a very good price.


Alfawise V10  Alfawise V10Alfawise V10

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