ASUS Partners with Portrait Displays on ProArt Displays with Calman Ready…

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ASUS Partners with Portrait Displays on ProArt Displays with Calman Ready and Calman Verified Solutions.

ASUS announced that it has partnered with Portrait Displays to bring Calman color calibration and accuracy to ASUS ProArt Displays.

Portrait Displays’ Calman color-calibration software is the leading choice for display calibration by color professionals in broadcast, production, and post-production, trusted by many respected Hollywood professionals. As part of an ongoing cooperation between ASUS and Portrait Displays, selected ProArt Displays are now either Calman Ready to indicate the ability to communicate directly with Calman software, or Calman Verified as an assurance of studio-quality color accuracy right out of the box.

ASUS ProArt: Leading brand now offers both Calman Ready and Calman Verified displays
Since the launch of the first ASUS ProArt Display in 2011, both the ProArt brand and ProArt products have continuously evolved to meet the needs of professional workflows in traditional content-creation fields, such as photography and videography, as well providing new solutions for 3D designers, game developers and professionals in other creative disciplines.

Now, as a result of the new partnership with Portrait Displays, ASUS ProArt Display is one of the leading display brands that supports the celebrated Calman standard – the most popular calibration solution used by Hollywood’s most respected color professionals.

Commenting on the announcement of the ASUS and Calman alliance, Portrait Displays’ President and CEO, Eric Brumm, said, “Portrait Displays is proud to continue its steadfast partnership with ASUS and pleased to introduce Calman Verified and Calman Ready integrated solutions to ASUS ProArt Displays. Professionals can confidently utilize ASUS displays with the knowledge that their devices are performing at the highest level and color accuracy. We look forward to progressing in the future of color and providing a superior viewing experience alongside our partners.”

“We appreciate having the opportunity to partner with Portrait Displays and its peerless Calman color-calibration technology,” said Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the ASUS Display Business Unit, Vincent Chiou. “This alliance allows ASUS to guarantee that ProArt Display products meet the highest standards, both straight out of the box and through long-term use. ProArt Displays not only ensure color accuracy and consistency, but also offer solutions with integrated Calman technology – ensuring creators can always have the best viewing experience for every creation.”

Calman Ready: Absolute precision and control over color for content pros
For professional content creators, who require absolute precision and control over color, ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCX, PA32UCX-PK and PA27UCX-K are Calman Ready.

These models enable direct communication with Calman color-calibration software, empowering users to perform professional-quality calibration processing for standard visuals before writing the color parameters back to the ProArt Display’s onboard memory. This affords fine-tune control over color-accuracy tuning and uniformity compensation, making it easy to recalibrate a Calman Ready ProArt Display when and wherever the need arises. It also eliminates the reliance on connecting to a particular computer – it’s now possible to connect a Calman Ready ProArt Display to different devices without the need to re-adjust the color settings. Color profiles can be easily activated by using a hardware hotkey on the display, without the need for a computer.

Five new ASUS ProArt monitors are available with one of two kinds of Calman validation – Calman Ready or Calman Verified – with further models planned as part of our ongoing partnership with Portrait Displays.

Calman Verified: World-class color accuracy out of the box
The Calman Verified marque provides the assurance of world-class color accuracy for enthusiastic photographers, videographers or 3D designers. Everyday demands for these groups of users include superb color accuracy and factory calibration, enabling the ability for serious creative work right out of the box – from photo to video editing and beyond.

Specifically, all the products enlisted into this program must meet Portrait Displays’ exacting standards in relation to gamut, gamma, color temperature, brightness and DDC/CI communication, and our Delta E < 2 accuracy is an assurance of professional studio quality. ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV and PA278QV now carry the Calman Verified seal of approval, with a Calman Verified report in every box.

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