Aukey Father’s Day Gift Guide

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When it comes to Father‘s Day, dads will often say something like “you don‘t need to bother with a gift” or “I don‘t need anything”, but you know that well-considered gift can really make a difference. To help make things easier, we‘re offering some big discounts on some of our latest tech that should appeal to practically-minded dads everywhere.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

For Dads Who Love Gadgets
A new MacBook might be a bit much for a Father‘s Day gift, but what you can get your techy dad is the perfect charging equipment for his high-end laptop or tablet. The stock charger that comes with a MacBook or iPad Pro leaves a lot to be desired. MacBook chargers are very bulky, particularly for the MacBook Pro models. The 18W charger that comes with an iPad Pro is also far from compact, and is not capable of charging the device at its maximum speed (as discussed in this article). The less said about the ancient 5W charger packaged with the iPhone 11 the better.

A tech-enthusiast dad would certainly appreciate a better solution, and AUKEY has several. For powerful USB-C laptops like the MacBook Pro 13″, AUKEY‘s 65W PA-B3 is perfect. This charger is not only about 50% the size and weight of Apple‘s 61W charger, but it even offers a second port. So that‘s more power, twice the ports, and half the size and weight. It‘s also significantly cheaper than Apple‘s charger, and all the more so with an 18% Father‘s Day discount. There‘s also PA-B4 with an extra USB-C port and an even bigger discount. These chargers are so much smaller than other similar chargers due integrating AUKEY‘s latest OmniaChip, which uses gallium nitride instead of silicon to shrink the charger right down in size.

These two compact chargers also work great for the iPad Pro, as does our snazzy white PA-D2, which provides a beefy 30W from a single port or 18W from both ports at the same time. This charger is also perfect for the smaller MacBook models like the MacBook Air, and is a massive 30% off(with code 2IIGIYL2) over the Father‘s Day period.

And for iPhones and other Android smartphones such as Google Pixels, AUKEY‘s value king PA-Y12 is ideal for the task, providing the maximum power these devices can handle and all for an even lower price than usual(60% off with code 79CBX532).

A great charger isn‘t much good without the right cable, and AUKEY has plenty of those too. For powerful USB PD charging (e.g. for MacBooks) you‘ll need a cable that supports such high levels of power. Using a lower-grade cable won‘t allow you to fully utilize the power of the charger and can even be dangerous. This cable is ideal for pairing with the PA-B3 and PA-B4 chargers mentioned above, and is currently 20% off (with code PUV4N4JI).

For Dads Always on the Road
As we discussed in this recent article, a USB car charger is an upgrade that can improve any car, particularly for those that regularly make long journeys. Whether your dad is a busy businessman or a retired man of leisure, having powerful charging ports right where he needs them will always be appreciated. Even if his car already has a built-in USB port, it‘s likely to be underpowered and limited in use.

A powerful car charger like AUKEY‘s CC-Y14 is able to charge multiple devices at once, or power sat-nav equipment while keeping a phone topped up. And with up to 30W output from a single port, it can even charge small laptops or gaming hardware like the Nintendo Switch. PD-compatible smartphones like iPhones will be charged at the maximum speed possible, and all this from a tiny charger not much bigger than your thumb.

This little powerhouse is currently 34% off(with code Y2VA45PS), so now‘s the time to turn your dad‘s car into the ultimate phone charger.

For Dads Who Love the Great Outdoors
There‘s no doubt that long hikes and lengthy cycle runs are improved by having a smartphone at hand. Mapping and GPS positioning are near essential when far from home, and it‘s always great to be able to capture the scenery in pictures and videos. And it goes without saying that it‘s important to be contactable when out in the wilderness in case of any accident or emergency. The trouble is that smartphone batteries often aren‘t up to the task, especially for longer adventures. Taking the wrong turn on a mountain trail can become a big problem if your phone is dead.

Every adventuring father would benefit from a rugged power bank that doesn‘t weigh him down too much. AUKEY‘s PB-Y36 is perfect for this, offering 10000mAh (enough to fully charge his phone twice over) while not being too much of a burden when out trekking. It also supports 18W fast charging, so his phone can get a serious boost in just a few minutes. For Father‘s Day it‘s 34% off(with code 72KY9TZU), so there‘s never been a better time to grab this compact lifesaver.

The PA-Y25 is also handy in that it supports wireless charging (and is currently 30% off with code 6FJP8EMI). With this power bank he doesn‘t even need to pack a cable; he can just place his phone on the power bank when the battery gets low. This is great for disorganized dads who often forget to bring the charging cable. And for those who do have a cable, this versatile power bank offers powerful traditional charging too.

Happy Father‘s Day
Whatever you decide to get this Father‘s Day, we at AUKEY hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

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