Beelink GT-R Pro, the Most Feature-Rich Mini PC, Now Live @ Indiegogo. Back it up!

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Beelink GT-R Pro, the Most Feature-Rich Mini PC, Now Live @ Indiegogo. Back it up and your dream finally comes true!

Beelink GT-R Pro

Beelink new generation Mini PC
Beelink new Mini PC GT-R upgrade version GT-R Pro, on the basis of GT-R, GT-R Pro adds two major functions, same screen function, and Game HiFi Sound, allowing you to have a better entertainment experience.

Same screen function
The same screen function of the mobile phone, connect the gift Type-C cable, you can synchronously display the mobile phone interface on the display screen, use the mouse and keyboard to operate your mobile phone, thus bringing you portable operation, one key Switch the display interface and choose to operate the PC or Android system.

Game-HiFi sound
The Game-HiFi sound function brings you super-realistic game effects, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being in the game, clearer footsteps and gunshots, allowing you to be one step faster.

WiFi 6
WIFI sixth-generation high-speed wireless network technology, WIFI speed is increased by 1.5 times compared with the previous generation, effectively solving network congestion and data delay, and bringing you a super smooth Internet experience.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
Dual gigabit network ports, the hardware supports the formation of internal and external networks to prevent data leakage.

Fingerprint Login
Fingerprint login, file encryption, and fingerprint unlocking to protect the security of files and data, so as to better protect your personal privacy.

Dual M.2 SSD slots
Dual SSD considerate design, one is M.2 NVME PCIE4X system disk speed is 1900M/S, and the other is M.2 SATA storage disk, you can install more cost-effective SSD.

Small volume
The small size of 168 * 120 * 47 mm, no need to occupy too much area on the desktop.

Super silent cooling
Design of 3 copper tubes and 2 fans. 3 Copper tube design, more than enough to solve the CPU 35W power consumption. Dual fans can meet the heat dissipation requirements of low speed, low noise, and high air volume. Under 100% load, the CPU temperature is constant at 61 degrees, and the performance of the machine is fully utilized.

Four screens simultaneously display
Extended 4 display, full-featured Type-C port, can display simultaneously and asynchronously. Can meet the special requirements of customers, such as stock trading, e-commerce sales, and other job requirements.

Magnesium alloy body
Made of magnesium-aluminum alloy body, lighter weight, better heat dissipation, and better craftsmanship.

Dual microphone
With built-in dual microphones, you can wake up Cortana at any time, let Cortana help you arrange your schedule, track the status of express delivery or flight information, and tell you a joke.

Rich peripheral ports
Abundant ports allow you to add more external devices without worrying about insufficient ports.

Support monitor back hanging
The compact size can support the GT-R Pro to be hung behind the monitor, allowing your PC and monitor to become one, even more

Discover more about Beelink GT-R Pro on Indiegogo project page.

Beelink GT-R ProBeelink GT-R Pro  Beelink GT-R Pro

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