Blackview BV4900s & OSCAL C20 Pro Smartphones Deals Incoming

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Recently, the rugged outdoor phone Blackview BV4900s with octa-core processor and 5580mAh battery and the average smartphone OSCAL C20 Pro with trendy design and Android 11 OS made their debut at highly competitive affordability.

Blackview BV4900s

Blackview BV4900s — budget Android 11 Rugged Phone
One of the most popular product categories for Blackview will definitely be the rugged phones. Started as a rugged phone manufacturer, though reaping great success in mainstream smartphones, tablets, laptops, earphones and smartwatches in recent years, Blackview has never stopped steps on development of rugged phones for Blackview users. After the launch of the most affordable thermal imaging rugged phone BV6600 Pro and big battery rugged phone BV6600E a few weeks ago, the best budget rugged phone BV4900s arrives.

Blackview BV4900s has its two variants — BV4900 and BV4900 Pro, both of which have gained positive market responses for ruggedness and performance and sell well. To better meet the user needs, BV4900s is launched. Taking some inheritances from the BV4900 series including superior military-grade toughness, space capsule-like design with rock black, mountain green, sunset orange and desert yellow colors, 5.7″ HD+ display, 5580mAh battery and 5MP front camera, BV4900s also has its own highlights thanks to new updates.

BV4900 and BV4900 Pro run the original Android 10 OS while BV4900s, to provide a more friendly and fluid OS experience, sports the Doke OS 2.0 based on Android 11 GO. Users can enjoy the brand new interface and features. Moreover, BV4900s is powered by an octa-core Unisoc SC9863A processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, rendering multitasking responsive and smooth.

All in all, the BV4900 series satisfies the requirements for a rugged smartphone. But at the price point, choose Blackview BV4900s. More surprisingly, as many users want the Android 11 new features for BV4900 Pro, Blackview will upgrade it in the near future.

OSCAL C20 Pro — affordable 4G smartphone with fancy design
As the newly launched brother brand of Blackview, OSCAL is committed to letting more young people enjoy smart devices with leap-forward performance and trendsetting design at a more friendly price. By now, OSCAL has launched the entry-level tablet king OSCAL Pad 8 and Android 3G smartphone budget king OSCAL C20. Now it’s unveiling the third smart device – the 4G Android 11 smartphone OSCAL C20 Pro.

C20 Pro will be a plus version of the C20. Though C20 covers basic smartphone functions well, more users call for better configurations so OSCAL launches C20 Pro. Inheriting some striking features of C20 such as stylish appearance in 4 appealing colors including lavender purple, apple green, airy blue and midnight black, 6.088″ HD+ full-screen display, large 3380mAh battery, intuitive Android 11 Go OS with App freezer function and 2MP front camera, C20 Pro makes some upgrades to boost user experience.

First of all, C20 is the 3G smartphone while C20 Pro is the 4G device for wider network coverage and faster connectivity. Besides, C20 packs a quad-core Unisoc SC7731E processor with 1GB RAM and 32GB ROM while C20 Pro carries an octa-core Unisoc SC9863A processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to improve the responsiveness, smoothness and efficiency. Finally, C20 adopts a 5MP rear camera. Echoing the expectations of fans for decent photography capability, C20 Pro is embedded with a 8MP rear camera.

Overall, compared with C20, C20 Pro surely delivers exceeding performance. Considering the budget, if finding C20 not totally covering the needs, choose OSCAL C20 Pro.

Price & Availability
Blackview BV4900s and OSCAL C20 Pro are enjoying Early Bird Offer.
Blackview BV4900s is available at $98.79 (original price $129.99) until October 20th PT.
From October 13rd to October 26th PT, OSCAL C20 Pro is available at $79.19 (original price $119.99).

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