CHUWI RZBOX – World’s First AMD RYZEN 4900H Mini PC Revealed: Case Design

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CHUWI has officially released the RZBOX Mini PC, the world’s only Mini PC with AMD Ryzen9 4900H high-performance processor. While users will likely never interact directly with the processor, they will see and touch its all-metal, industrial style case, whether it’s taking it on the go or placing it on their desk. This article will go into more details about how the RZBOX case has been engineered to be compact, tough and attractive.


All-metal forging process meets sleek industrial style
To begin,CHUWI asked over 10,000 of its users what they considered most important in a Mini PC. When voting on strength and appearance, users overwhelmingly said they wanted an all-metal body. So CHUWI started with aluminum alloy and shaped it through a melting and forging process to produce a one piece shell that keeps its metal texture. After the shell is created it’s first polished, then sandblasted, then an oxidation surface treatment is applied to give it multiple layers of protection while retaining its versatile characteristics and space-gray color tinting.

Metal synergy cooling and heat dissipation for high performance and continuous operation
Other advantages of RZBOX’s all-metal exterior design:
– Better heat dissipation than Mini PC’s built out of plastic
– Stability and reliability during long hours of operation with low temperature buildup.
– Company guaranteed long-term stability and high-performance.


Internal all-copper pipes channel heat from the processor to high-density cooling fins. A built-in motor drives feathered fan blades that takes cool air from case inlet holes and transfers it to cooling fins that substantially lower the internal temperature, forming a three-dimensional air-cooling cycle to minimize the RZBOX mini PC operating temperature. In addition, the all-metal body is an excellent heat-conducting material, itself conducting and evacuating residual heat to ensure continued high performance and stability throughout use.

Sturdy and durable skeleton lattice exterior design
RZBOX can be placed either horizontally or vertically for more space options.To ensure safety and stability no matter the configuration, a hollow grid structure has been added as a top layer over the metal shell. This added design greatly enhances the product’s safe operation, protecting the case from strong impact damage and shielding internal hardware in case of accidents.

The RZBOX preview page is now live on CHUWI’s official website, and now is the time to register for price discount alerts, news & updates, and a chance to win 1 of 10 free RZBOX Mini PC’s. This pre-sale event will only last until October 12th when computers are shipped, so computer enthusiasts looking for a deal on what will be one of the hottest PC’s on the market should act fast.

For more information about RZBOX and to participate in the pre-sale campaign, please visit Chuwi’s official website.


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