Colorfly Quintet 1DD+4BA Hybrid IEM Available Now

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Colorfly is one of those HiFi brands that doesn’t compromise on the quality of their products. They have a huge range of Hi-Res music players with an ultimate build and sound quality. Recently, Colorfly has introduced their latest hybrid driver IEMs, the Colorfly Quintet.

Colorfly Quintet

Bringing together a powerful 9.5mm DD unit paired with four BA drivers the pair delivers a super-detailed and expansive acoustic performance. The drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency division for interference-free sound output. It features 3D printed skin-friendly resin ear shells with carbon fiber face panels.

– Five-driver hybrid configuration.
– Powerful 9.5mm Dynamic driver with a titanium-plated diaphragm.
– Four high-performance Balanced Armature drivers.
– 3D-printed ear cavities made with Skin-friendly resin material.
– Standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.
– High-Quality silver and copper hybrid cable.
– Impedance: 20Ω.
– Sensitivity: 112dB/mW.
– Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz.

Hybrid Driver Configuration
Colorfly Quintet features a powerful five driver hybrid configuration. The pair features a large 9.5mm dynamic driver unit with titanium-plated diaphragm material pair to four high-performance BA drivers for ultimate sound clarity and performance.

Three-Way Frequency Division
The drivers are arranged in a three-way electronic frequency division to overcome any multi-driver interference or distortion issues. Users are greeted with a clean & smooth sound output with high-resolution clarity. The DD driver handles the lower end while two BA unit produces the mid-frequencies and two are responsible for high and ultra-high frequencies.

3D-Printed Ear Shells
Colorfly has crafted the ear shells in Quintet using high-precision 3D-printing technology. They are made up of skin-friendly resin material that effectively suppresses the resonance of the sound cavity. It has a built-in pneumatic control channel that instantly balances the airflow in the sound cavity and ear canal resulting in a finely textured acoustic performance. The earpieces have brilliant-looking carbon fiber face panels.

Tuned By Professionals
Professional acoustic engineers have tuned the Quintet over the past three years. The pair presents the users with a refined, reference-grade sound output that shows brilliant detailing and impressive high-resolution clarity. It is tuned to complement different genres well and be an all-rounder performer in your collection.

High-Quality Connector Cable
The Colorfly Quintet comes bundled with a high-quality silver and copper hybrid cable. It has 2-pin 078 connectors that provide a firm connection and smooth audio signal transmission between the earpieces and the source.

Pricing & Availability
The Colorfly Quintet has a price tag of 899.99$. It is available to purchase from our store, check out more details here.

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