Dethonray Prelude DTR1+, Latest Hi-Res Music Player Announced

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Dethonray isn’t any intruder in the HiFi audio industry. The brand doesn’t have a plethora of products, rather has made a great reputation with just a few under its name. The very first product from Dethonray was their Digital Audio Player, the Prelude DTR1. DTR1 received the tag of best Audio Player in its price segment by the community. Today, Dethonray has unveiled the highly anticipated upgrade to the Prelude DTR1, meet the brand new Dethonray Prelude DTR1+.

Dethonray Prelude DTR1+

The latest DTR1+ adopts the trusted AK4490EQ DAC chip that they had used in the DTR1 too. In order to bring drastic improvements over the OG DTR1, the latest DTR1+ brings an improved electronic circuit, improved hardware components such as Low pass circuit, improved power supply arrangement. Users will also get to experience a completely redesigned Linux OS with multiple Software improvements. Dethonray DTR1+ is currently available on pre-order with HiFIGo for 999$.

Redesigned Electronic Circuit
Dethonray as a brand of HiFi audio gears design their products with ultimate precision & accuracy. According to the brand, Power plays an important role in HiFi and portable audio systems. They have designed the Prelude DTR1+ with a dual high-density battery system. The digital and analog circuits get their own independent power resulting in a clean power supplied to the system, that in the end contributes to clean, noise-free music reproduction.

High-Performance AKM DAC Chip
Dethonray has designed the DTR1+ with trusted AK4490EQ DAC chip by AKM technologies. They also featured the same chip in the former Prelude DTR1 audio player. It supports decoding for 32-Bit PCM and native DSD audio presenting the users with a memorable experience.

Completely Redesigned Linux OS
Dethonray Prelude DTR1+ features a deeply customized Linux OS audio subsystem that utilizes an OSS sub-system 30% higher in efficiency than the ALSA audio sub-system. It has a patented ultra-lightweight GUI system called the “Ocelot”. The Prelude DTR1+ supports indexing for up to 160000 songs with a 1TB micro SD card slot. Take your entire music library anywhere you go.

New Software Features
– Redesigned gain and Volume audio sub-system.
– Updated the gain control to support different IEMs, Earbuds, headphones.
– Subdivide the volume range to make the sound more accurate and natural.
– Added the index and classification function of artists.
– Added the L/R channel volume compensation.

New Hardware Features with DTR1+
– Redesigned the Low-Pass Filter circuit.
– Redesigned Desktop Plus Power Unit.
– Newly designed CNC machined aluminum chassis.

Price & Availability
Dethonray Prelude DTR1+ is available on pre-order with Hifigo store for 999$. Check out more details here.

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