Download Ugoos UT4 TV Box latest firmware update 1.1.2

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Today we prepare new improvements and fixes pack for your Ugoos UT4 TV Box.

Ugoos UT4Download Ugoos UT4 latest firmware update 1.1.2 from here, here or here. Download previous firmware v1.1.1 from here.

Firmware details
Archive: UT4_1.1.2 / fullOTA-UT4-1.1.2 / ut4_increment_1.1.1_1.1.2
Model: Ugoos UT4 TV Box
Image file size: 407 MB / 481 MB / 83 MB
Platform: Rockchip RK3368 / RK330A
Image: UT4_1.1.2.img
Build number: UT4-userdebug 5.1.1 LMY48G eng.serega.20160617.161545 release-keys
Model number: UGOOS-UT4
FW version: 5.1.00
Boot version: 2.40
SDK version: RK30_ANDROID5.1.1-SDK-v1.00.00
Inside archive: firmware + AndroidTool v2.3 + DriverAssitant_v4.3 + ugoos_firmware_upgrade_guide


Main new features
– Gamepad settings – let you customize your gamepad control settings
– Ugoos File Manager – our new step for making Ugoos TV Boxes more convenient for remote controllers.
– TV Settings – application developed by Google special for Android TV

Updates and fixes
Ethernet switcher. This feature let users attach additional USB LAN ports. We add management tab in Ethernet settings, so now you can activate/deactivate and switch between LAN interfaces in one click. This feature was popular on Ugoos 4.4 Android devices based on RK3288 SoC and now we implemented it for RK3368. Run Ethernet management: Settings – Network – Ethernet

HDMI color mode. For the majority of different TV screens and monitors device defines HDMI color mode automatically, but, due to some specifics, for a few amount of screen devices we had incapability in parameters. Run color mode settings: Settings – Display – HDMI Color Mode

So now, you can manually choose color mode from menu in order to choose appropriate one:

Auto Frame Rate. Via playback of many video samples, we concluded that sometimes AFR function in KODI is choosing best options for playback due to different video parameters. For more convenience, we set tree options for Frame Rate:

System resolution
Video resolution priority
Frequency resolution priority

Kodi has their own Frame Rate settings, so these options enabled in other players with using generic codecs. Run AFR settings: Settings – Display – Autoframerate

v1.1.2 Main changes from previous version:
1. Fixed mount bugs.
2. Improved playback.
3. Fixed bug when the TV does not show image from hdmi after boot/reboot.
4. Applied RKMC patches.
5. Added autoframerate settings (Settings -> Display -> Autoframerate).
6. Added HDMI Color Mode Settings (Settings -> Display -> HDMI Color Mode).
7. Now state of connection to PC is saved after reboot.
8. Fixed touch sounds bug.
9. Added switcher of Ethernet interfaces (Settings -> Ethernet).
10. Gamepad Settings: fixed bug of “Delete Profile” button when there is no connected devices.
11. Gamepad Settings: added mouse filter.
12. Gamepad Settings: added reaction to connection / disconnection of devices.
13. Ugoos Kodi v.16.1.
14. Fixed wifi channels bug.
15. Hardware Monitor: fixed crash sleep bug.
16. Changed boot animation.


How to flash this firmware
1. If it first time, you need to install drivers use DriverAssitant or manual when connecting device
2. Run AndroidTool.exe
3. Switch to “Upgrade Firmware” tab
4. Press button “Firmware” and select update image (Example: “ut4_1.0.0.img”)
5. Connect device to PC via USB OTG port (full guide by connecting you can find in “ugoos_firmware_upgrade_guide”)
6. Press “Upgrade” button

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