DYU S2, DYU V1 or DYU L1, which smart bike is the best?

In this guide, we’ll examine what sets S2, V1 and L1 apart, what’s different about them, and why you should consider using them as part of your daily life.


Riding Comfortness
DYU S2: Hollow Seat
DYU V1: Widened and Thickened Seat
DYU L1: Designed with Ergonomics (But the height of seat are no adjustable)
So if you are looking for comfortable riding then DYU V1 wins

DYU S2: 15KG
DYU V1: 22KG
DYU L1: 36.4KG
It’s easy to tell that DYU S2 is the lightest of them all, so if you’re weak or you want to take it a little easier, go for DYU S2, you won’t regret it.

DYU S2: 960*220*680mm(folding size)
DYU V1: 1110*200*750mm(folding size)
DYU L1: 1420*627*1004mm(cannot fold)
If you need to take it home or to work, you can’t go wrong with DYU S2, which is easy to fold and has the smallest size.

Mileage / Riding Distance (under electric mode)
DYU S2: 40KM
DYU V1: 40KM
DYU L1: 50KM
DYU S2 and DYU V1 is good, but If you care more about how far you can ride, then DYU L1 is a good choice.

DYU S2: Wear-resistant tires are not afraid of air leakage
DYU V1: V shape triangle frame–Sturdy as diamond
Double shock reduction systems – reduce the bumps to a maximum degree
DYU L1: High bright light
If you prefer a more sturdy e-bike, DYU V1 and DYU S2 would be a great choice.

DYU S2: two configurations more eye-catching
DYU V1: V-FRAME is fully creating a powerful body structure while displaying distinct outline characteristics
DYU L1: The Design Is Inspired by the Noble and Elegant Egret Bird combined with Ergonomics more fashionable and stylish
Need not I say, you should also know the city beauty that pays attention to fashion should choose which.

These three E-Bikes are beautiful, powerful, and have their own advantages. Different designs meet the different needs of customers. You probably have your own idea after reading the whole passage, It’s up to you which one you choose


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