E1DA Cosmos ADC, A High-performance Analog-to-Digital Converter

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E1DA is a HiFi audio brand behind the successful PowerDAC series of portable DAC/Headphone Amplifiers. E1DA has launched its brand new Analog To Digital Converter for testing audio equipment, the brand new E1DA Cosmos ADC.

E1DA Cosmos ADC

It is an ultra-low THD+N analog to PCM digital converter that can be used for industrial-level audio measurements. It is made specifically for use with E1DA 9038S/D DAC users, DIYers, audio, and tech bloggers. The Cosmos ADC features a premium performance with ES9822Pro ADC chip, OPA1612 amp chip, and more premium components to ensure high-quality performance.

– Premium ES9822 Pro ADC chip.
– Premium Audio Components including OPA1612 OPAMPs, Susumu & Viking Resistors, Murata & Samsung COG Capacitors, Taiwanese connectors, and switches.
– Rich sandblasted finish with Black Anodized Aluminum.

Technical Specifications
– Input: Comtrue CT7601CR Custom FW USB Bridge, XLR L/R(FDA) up to 10Vrms.
– Aux 2.5mm jack up to 43Vrms.
– Output: USB Type-C, PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz.
– Power Input: USB Type-C, <250mA Current.
– Latency: 5mS@192kHz ASIO4ALL REW.
– Input Range: 1.7Vrms 640Ω, 2.7Vrms 1kΩ, 3.5Vrms 1.3kΩ, 4.5Vrms 1.66kΩ, 6.7Vrms 2.46kΩ, 7.6Vrms 2.82kΩ, 8.5Vrms 3.12kΩ, 10Vrms 3.48kΩ, 43Vrms 13.6kΩ.
Note: Unbalanced impedance about 30% less.
– Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-180kHz @ 32Bit/384kHz.
– SNR: DR@Mono. 127+/-1dB.
– THD+N: 0.00007% @ 1kHz, @-5dBFS, SR 48kHz, BW 20Hz-20kHz.
– SINAD: – 123dB.
– Crosstalk: <-140dB@1kHz.

What’s An ADC?
ADC stands for Analog To Digital Converter. Since computers only process digital information, they require digital input. An ADC, such as the Cosmos ADC here converts an analog input into a digital signal to process on the computer system. It is widely used by professional reviewers and audio enthusiasts to measure their audio gears.

High-Performance ES9822Pro ADC Chip
The brand new E1DA Cosmos ADC adopts a high-performance ES9822Pro ADC chip from Sabre Technologies. It serves as a high-grade signal converter chip to provide precise measurements with low distortion in the signal.

Premium Audio Components
What good is a HiFi audio gear without high-quality components especially when it comes to DAC or an ADC? The Cosmos ADC features high-quality audiophile-grade components on its audio motherboard that consists of premium OPA1612 OPAMPs, Susumu and Viking Resistors, Samsung COG Capacitors, Taiwanese switches, and more.

Superb Build Quality
E1DA is widely known for its well-built audio gears. The Cosmos ADC is no different here, it features a premium look with Black anodized aluminum chassis with a smooth sandblasted finish. Simply Exquisite.

Price & Availability
E1DA Cosmos ADC is priced at 159$.

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