ESCAM QP136 Light Bulb IP Camera, discreet security at a bargain price

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Light bulb IP cameras, by virtue of practical features and a disguised design, are becoming more and more popular among customers. Here, let’s explore a very nice and affordable light bulb camera – ESCAM QP136 WiFi Light Bulb IP Camera. You can now buy ESCAM QP136 Light Bulb IP Camera from for a very good price.


When you put the functionality of two standalone gadgets into one, there is usually one of the two outcomes: you wonder why a thing like this came into being or you absolutely love it. With the ESCAM QP136 LED Bulb and WiFi Camera, we are leaning towards the latter.

Design – a smart LED bulb with a hidden camera
At the first glance, the ESCAM QP136 is your standard smart LED bulb made in beautiful classic white — and it’s partly true. It does come with built-in 3 x 1W white light and can be controlled remotely via an app. But, as you would expect, there are extra functionalities coming from the bulb’s body. The bulb is actually a hidden camera offering 360-degree view and two-way audio. Let’s take a closer look. The ESCAM QP136 Light Bulb IP Camera measures 137 mm by 80 mm. On the front of it, you will see the camera’s 1.44mm lens, a microphone, a speaker and an LED indicator. There is also a manual reset button at the top. At the back, you have the E27 base — the standard lamp holder makes it easy to use the lamp in any household. On the sides, there is the SD card slot, an LED light and a vent for efficient operation without overheating.

Lamp – smart LED and built-in four modes
In case you want to use the ESCAM QP136 in its obvious role — a smart LED lamp, you will get exactly that. You will get a nice and bright white light and app control options. Plus, there are four modes built-in for your convenience:
● Off: quite self-explanatory
● On: the LED bulb will be on day and night
● Auto: the LED bulb will turn on during day time and automatically turn off at night
● Timing: you can set the bulb to turn on at a specific time

Camera – HD quality and smart motion detection
The bulb’s hidden camera function is the device’s main selling point — and for a good reason. The cam is capable of 360 degree panoramic video and will give you a great view of the area in 1280×960 HD quality. A great feature is the support of two-way audio, which means you can not only listen in on what’s happening at home but also have a conversation with those in the room.

Then, there is motion detection — if the cam detects a moving object in the room, it will instantly alert you:
● It will make a record of the alert in the log.
● You will get an email.
● A push notification will be sent to your phone via the app.
● The cam will capture a snapshot of the intruder.

Things are looking good when it comes to network connection as well. The cam comes with WiFi support and app support (suitable for both Android and iOS devices) giving you two efficient ways to watch the footage. Plus, you will be able to control the camera remotely via the app. As for storage, you get plenty of space thanks to the support of a 128GB SD card and loop recording feature — so, in all probability, you will never have to deal with storage issues.

Now, let’s make a summary on the main features of the ESCAM QP136 camera:

Pixels 1.3MP
FOV 360 degree
Lens 1.44mm panoramic lens
Resolution 1280×960 HD resolution
Technical feature Two-way audio,WiFi connection + app control, Motion detection
Video format H.264 + video compression
Maximum monitoring range 5m
Local-storage TF / Micro SD card up to 128GB

The verdict
The ESCAM QP136 WiFi Light Bulb IP Camera is like peanut butter and chocolate — the bulb and the cam are the the perfect match. They work really well as standalone gadgets and even better together — you get the discreet design for your 360 degree cam and your cam easily doubles as an LED bulb. The best part is that you don’t have to stare at the camera sitting on your ceiling and your home’s security won’t mess with your interior design.

Reasonably priced at just $32.42 @, the ESCAM QP136 won’t break the bank — but, at the same time, is quite an efficient way to get started with home security. Plus, it’s fun. The bulb is very easy to use, even if you are new to all things smart home. All in all, we are happy to give it points: for creativity, functionality and practicality.



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