Everything you need to know about UMI HAMMER S Treasure Hunt!

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Here is everything you need to know about our UMI HAMMER S Treasure Hunt, starting on the 10th of August and ends on the 10th of September.


Everyday starting at 10:00, ending at 22:00 GMT+2.

With every code you win, you get to use the wheel once a day, with a maximum of three time during the Treasure Hunting period. Your prize needs to be used within 48hrs after you receive it so be quick to use it! It will expire if not! (this goes for the prize you won, not for the UMI code, which will not expire)

Each member is allowed to hunt treasure as many times as they want during the valid time but will need additional codes.
Share your codes with your friends/family/groups to receive more codes for more chances to win!

So if you’re feeling lucky, participate! If you’re not part of the community yet, join! Everyone can enter and win!

How the Lucky Wheel activity works.
-1.1) You will need a UMI code to enter.
-1.2) Head over to UMI Community where the Treasure Hunt contest will be held.
-1.3) Enter your UMI code on the right box, and activate the wheel.

How to gain a UMI code to enter.
-2.1) From the 7th of August until the 16th, We are giving away one UMI code every day on UMI Fans group: http://bit.ly/UMIFansFBGroup
-2.2) 12th August / 31st August, UMI Official Facebook page will be giving away one UMI code everyday: http://on.fb.me/1IkxZZO
-2.3) 18th August / 9th September, follow UMI Forum for more codes! http://bit.ly/UMIFORUMGETCODEHERE
-2.4) Anytime, anywhere! , Our official store will be giving away codes! http://bit.ly/UMIAuthorizedStores
-2.5) Look around on internet/blogs/news websites/Youtube/ Facebook/Groups, ect, They are giving away UMI code too.

If your favorite site does not have codes to share, invite them to contact us to get code for you!

Good luck to everyone!


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