EZCast ProAV – Reinventing Pro AV Market

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EZCast ProAV is a novel and innovative Audio/Video extending solutions to enterprises.

EZCast ProAV

The unified transmitter/receiver, the economic LAN backbone of fast ethernet, and the easy deployment configuration all make ProAV be recognized as the cost-effective and future-proofing solutions. The low bandwidth requirement makes it become the world’s first cable and Wifi combined solution which has the greatest compatibility with numerous applications.

Extremely cost-saving design for devices, backbones and deployments
Simplified and unified transmitter and receiver design, economic LAN backbone of Fast Ethernet and easy deployment configurations make EZCast ProAV cost less than one-tenth when compared to traditional ProAV equipments.

Flexible modular design for various ProAV applications
Display extender, splitter, switcher and matrix can be implemented by the combination of only one model of transmitters and receivers depending on different configurations.

Shared infrastructure of your current enterprise networking environments
EZCast ProAV can fully work with your existing LAN backbone without installation and maintenance of specific AV network. Fast Ethernet (100M) ports and Cat.5 cable are sufficient for AV exchange over 200 meters due to EZCast ProAV’s low bandwidth compression and high performance PHY design.

In-house developed SoC to integrate signals over IP
EZCast ProAV devices supporting Video/Audio/USB/IR/UART over IP are built based on AM8270, an in-house developed and highly integrated SoC with HDMI receiver and Gigabit PHY embedded.

Support Ethernet and Wi-Fi combined application
Worldwide first solution with cable and Wi-Fi connections combined to make the application of no boundaries. Wi-Fi connection is appropriate to utilize within buildings and across large facilities, which should be adopted as a complement in some scenarios that cable connection is not suitable.

CMS makes remote controls and automation of operations possible.
Central Management System (CMS) console software on Windows/ MacOS is provided for remote access and control of EZCast ProAV devices in the enterprise LAN, which is conceptually similar to QuattroPod series powered by EZCast Pro technology.

 EZCast ProAV

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