FIIDO Established Overseas Warehouses in the US

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After selling vast quantities of the well-performed D4S, D11 and other popular e-bike models, the overseas warehouses of FIIDO are eventually available in America, which brings more convenience to our customers.

FIIDO Technology Development Co.,LTD, creators of D11 and other high-performance electric bicycles products, is proud to announce the opening of the overseas warehouses in New York and California. The overseas warehouses of FIIDO opened on December will serve tons of customers placing order on our official websites. In addition to handling product delivering matters, FIIDO overseas warehouses will also specialize in the after-sales service.

Sales manager responsible for the entire shipments in the US, Caroline, says there’s no better time to open new warehouses than now. There are many opportunities that exist in today’s market, especially for riders in demand of electric moped.

After weeks of preparation and the cooperation of all parties, the overseas warehouses are ultimately rolling out in New Your and California last month. For American customers, the hot sale models including D11, M1, D4S, D2S can be purchased online at and then shipped directly from two overseas warehouses in NY or CA.

It’s worth noting that the D11, M1 are beyond all praise for the eye-catching design and practical functions, which have attracted multitudinous loyal fans, so the overseas warehouses are undoubtedly of great significance to them. The brand-new warehouse in the US provides timely delivery service, allowing people to receive our products in a much shorter period of time.
“We feel excited and take great pride in announcing the establishment of the overseas warehouse in the US,” said Mr Wang, CEO and founder of FIIDO. “Compared with the previous timeliness, customers will be able to obtain the e-bikes or accessories ordered on our official site about two weeks earlier.

About FIIDO Technology Development Co.,LTD.
Fiido has been committed to simplifying cycling and solving mobility challenges by virtue of technology promotion since its establishment in December 2016. To be specific, Fiido provides customers with extraordinary electric bikes so that they may thoroughly experience the joy of riding. Having considered multiple aspects, the R&D team of FIIDO ultimately designed the e-bikes that meet the needs of different people with the effort of continuous research and improvement. FIIDO has left a professional and efficient impression on both distributors and customers for its leading craftsmanship and impeccable after-sales service.

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