FiiO FH5s Pro, Your Favorite Quad Driver Hybrid IEMs With Upgraded Cable

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Following the success of the latest FH5s hybrid IEMs, FiiO has today announced a new Pro model for the FH5 series, meet the brand new FiiO FH5s Pro. The only difference between the FH5s and the FH5s Pro is the bundled cable in the package.

FiiO FH5s Pro

A high-purity cable can bring drastic changes to the sound of an IEM. FiiO has done the same thing with their single dynamic series with the FD3 and FD3 Pro where the IEMs are kept the same and the Pro model comes with a better cable. Similarly here, The design, acoustic configuration, everything is the same with both the FH5s and the FH5s Pro model. But FH5s Pro comes bundled with a high-purity cable that brings a noticeable difference in sound. The original FH5s came bundled with a four-strand 120 core Litz braided monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable, the latest FH5s Pro has a high-purity 8 strand 152 core Litz braided single-crystal silver-plated cable. Both these cables have a replaceable termination plug option with 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm plugs in the package.

FH5s Pro Vs FH5s
As mentioned earlier the only difference here is the included cable. FH5s Pro comes bundled with a high-purity 8-strand cable with a total of 152 cores. This cable has Litz braided structure. It improves the signal transmission efficiency, provides a better treble frequency response, and presents the users with a more refined signature. Better cable bringing you better sound with the FH5s Pro.

Quad-Driver Acoustic Architecture
FiiO FH5s Pro has the same driver configuration as the FH5s model. It boasts quality performance with its 2BA+2DD hybrid driver arrangement on both sides. The pair uses a large 12mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver handling the lower end, a 6mm beryllium-coated micro dynamic driver for smooth mids. These drivers are paired with a dual Knowles TWFK-30017 BA drivers for high-resolution, detailed high-resolution output.

Sound Tuning Switches
FiiO FH5s features three tuning switches on the back of ear shells corresponding to bass, mids, and treble frequencies. Users can adjust these based on their personal preferences and enjoy a wide variety of up to eight different sound tuning options.

FiiO’s Patented Semi-Open Back Cavity Design
FH5s feature specially designed ear cavities to ensure the best acoustic performance with low resonance and distortion issues. FiiO has employed the TRISHELL “sandwich” structural design for FH5s, with 5-axis CNC machined aluminum-magnesium alloy shells, body, and front covers solidly fixed together at 3 points to greatly reduce excess resonance and distortion in the output. The rear cavities have a semi-open back architecture that helps maintain the air pressure inside the cavity.

Pricing & Availability
FiiO FH5s Pro is available to purchase from Hifigo store for 319.99$.

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