Headphones talk: What does DSP & ANC means?

DSP and ANC are hot features that enhance headphone audio quality if you love high high-quality audio, or like listening in noisy background environments, these technologies enable you to upgrade your enjoyment.


DSP Headphones
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) improves the sound quality though analytical processing of the original signal. DSP tweaks performance in 5 ways:
– Generates wider frequency output
– Filters out any reverberation
– Automatic gain control
– Dynamic adjustment
– Real-time channel mixer

DSP is able to achieve a higher quality of music than the original input. By the end of the audio reconstruction, the earphones give balanced and flawless sound, which can be described as breathtaking.

ANC Headphones
Active Noise Canceling (ANC) works to give you the illusion of a quieter environment by detecting outside noise with a microphone and then adding a negative sound to counteract the outside noise. With ANC you don’t need to crank up the volume just to hear your music. Sound is detected and sent to noise cancellation circuitry. And then an inverted ANC wave cancels ambient sound out.

Passive noise canceling is another type, where the noise is reduced by physical blocking, this is like having a pair of earmuffs on your ears. Compared to passive noise canceling, good ANC can not only muffle but almost completely eliminate certain frequencies from 20Hz to 20 KHz.Another advantage of ANC headphone is the effect is controllable. You can control the ANC function and turn it off when you need to talk to your friend or teammate.

How to choose noise-canceling headphones
Bluedio T4 ANC Wireless Headset – Top-notch timber
With over-ear design and ANC technology,Bluedio T4 is able to not only to isolate the speaker with passive noise canceling but also removes background voices.
Read more about the Bluedio T4 here.

Bluedio T4
Tsumbay TS-BH07 Sports ANC Earphone – Travel necessity
As portable as normal wireless earphones, as excellent as the professional over-ear headset, Tsumbay TS-BH07 is perfect for traveling trip. Block out the sounds of planes, trains, and people. Enjoy a quiet journey even you don’t play music through them, just put them on for some peace and quiet. Read more about the Tsumbay here.

Tsumbay TS-BH07

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