Helio X10 Powered New Flagship from UMI Leaked with and 4GB RAM and $199 Price

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The Chinese company on the rise, Umi, is about to reveal a new flagship, on which the designer team worked for the last several months.


The newest release from Umi won’t pass unnoticed – their smartphones showcased quality materials, good components, and great prices. The Umi line of products so far include the following models:
– Umi Rome
– Umi IRON
– Umi eMAX
– Umi eMAX Mini
– Umi FAIR

Looking at the list of the products, we assume that the new release might be connected to the one of the series on which Umi built its recognition, but there might be a chance of revealing a new product line. As the smartphone market is advancing rapidly, the manufacturers in Asia are competing in harsh conditions for the customers; the new best thing won’t last that long, as it gets either copied or surpassed.

The newest favorite feature in the smartphone market is the Helio X10 processor, which is built into the best smartphones like Letv le1s, Xiaomi redmi note 3 these days. The new model from Umi will definitely rock this unit, as it showcases quality, speed, and energy efficiency. The Octa-Core processor can easily withstand significant tasks and won’t consume much power from battery.

Next, we’re definitely sure that the device will have 4GB of RAM, providing an ample space for applications to run in the background, and ensure flawless functioning. The storage will be separated in several versions, with the exclusion of 32GB, as it is the newest trend. So you can expect to see 16GB / 64GB versions of the new flagship from Umi.

We see that Umi is fighting hard on the market with the previous release of the “ROME” edition with amazing specs for only $89, making the 100,000 preorder numbers before the release. With the price tag of $199, we can’t wait to see what is the new device that Umi prepared for us.

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