Hifiman Edition XS, Latest Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Hifiman is a pioneer brand in the over-ear headphone industry. Ever since its foundation, the brand has kept its primary focus on creating high-quality over-ear headphones. Today Hifiman Planar HPs are considered some of the best sounding Planar sets in the market. Hifiman has unveiled its latest full-size planar HP, the brand new Hifiman Edition XS.

The Edition XS is a successor to the highly-acclaimed Hifiman Edition X that was released back in 2016. Hifiman has equipped the latest Edition XS with Neo Ultra-Thin Diaphragm and Stealth Magnet system, two of its latest technologies making the Edition XS a must-have. It features a large planar driver that responds precisely and presents the minutest of the details in our music with great clarity.

– Ground-breaking performance with a large planar magnetic driver.
– Advanced Neo Ultra-Thin Diaphragm.
– Invisible Magnet Architecture.
– Low impedance for easy drivability.
– Supreme comfort.
– Superb build quality with an improved headband.

Technical Specifications
– Impedance: 18Ω.
– Frequency response range: 8Hz-50kHz.
– Sensitivity: 92dB.
– Weight: 405grams.
– Cable termination: 3.5mm.

Planar Magnetic Driver With Neo Ultra-Thin Diaphragm
Hifiman has done extensive research in the Planar Magnetic driver realm. Planar Magnetic drivers usually have lower distortion compared to dynamic drivers while producing better details. Hifiman Edition XS features an ultra-thin diaphragm coil known as Neo Ultra-Thin Diaphragm that allows for impressively fast response and lower distortion in the output signal. The pair produces a stunning level of minute details with our favorite music, presenting it in an all-new light.

Advanced Stealth Magnet Design
Hifiman Edition XS features their new stealth magnet design that was originally featured in the flagship Susvara. Hifiman has optimized the air turbulence and reflection of the sound waves inside the driver cavity. This makes the magnet invisible in front of the sound waves resulting in a pure and natural sound reproduction. This tech not only improves the output quality but also improves the stability and durability of the magnet.

Supreme Comfort With A Sturdy Build
Hifiman has designed the Edition XS with a new headband that improves its comfort and durability. This new headband is identical to their recently launched HE400Se headband that offers supreme comfort with a lightweight design and solid build. Don’t worry about the HP wearing its charm off, just enjoy your favorite music.

Easy Drivability
Edition XS is a fairly sensitive set with a low impedance rating of just 18Ω. You can drive these full-size headphones straight out of your smartphone without a definite need of any fancy amplifier. Surely the headphone does benefit with a better source.

Price & Availability
Hifiman Edition XS is available at just 429.99$.

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