How Arcsoft helps Blackview BV9200 Cameras Make a Difference?

As the global leader in rugged phones, Blackview is continuing to lead the way in bringing game-changing features to the rugged phone. With rising consumer demands for top-quality photo and video features on smartphones, Blackview has invested heavily in developing fundamental imaging technology to deliver advanced imaging experiences on its device.

Blackview BV9200 is again breaking new ground by elevating the mobile photography experience which packs in many surprising camera features. In addition to the Triple-Camera configuration, it is supported by a cutting-edge imaging algorithm Arcsoft Technology that takes pro photography on the smartphone to another level, making no secret of its colossal camera performance.

Triple Camera Setting: 50MP + 8MP Rear Camera & 16MP Front Camera
As Blackview’s high-end flagship series, the Blackview BV9200 represents the pinnacle of its pursuit in helping users unlock their creative inspiration through professional photography features. It has a triple camera system with a 50MP +8MP Rear Camera and a 16MP Front Camera, which are also sturdy enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear for a 1.2 m Death Broke, making it turn out to be the star of the show.

True Chroma Rear Camera: 50MP Samsung® JN1 rear camera +8MP Rear Camera (120°Ultra-wide & 1 cm Ultra-Macro)
Blackview BV9200 makes great breakthroughs in the dimensions of color, which simulates the human eye’s perception of color and realizes unprecedented image strength with the “True Chroma Photography” that is what you see is what you get. It is described to be improved by 30% in color reproduction by boosting the sensor’s color sensing and helping process images in real clarity. Whether you are shooting scenery or objects, you can achieve the same effect with a realistic record of the world as you see it.

50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera
Blackview BV9200 delivers awesome details and colors in every photo with a 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 Sensor. It’s powered by ISOCELL 2.0, an advanced pixel isolation technology, which has improved light sensitivity and color fidelity. Thanks to Tetrapixel technology and inter-scene HDR, it captures crystal-clear images day or night and perfect images with balanced shadows and highlights. Every image you capture has rich, vivid, and real colors that transport you back to your cherished moments. With 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera, it has a more natural look, especially the foliage, the sharpening is just right and the noise is more than excellent without oversaturated color.

8MP Rear Camera supports 120°Ultra-wide &1cm Ultra-Macro
Blackview BV9200 offers an 8MP Rear Camera, delivering an ultrawide photography experience with 120°Ultra-wide & 1cm Ultra-Macro with a snap. The 120°Ultra-wide shooter can expand up to 120 degrees, which is pleasantly wide to capture more people and fuller landscape shots.1cm Ultra-Macro Shooter opens the door for macro shots without the dedicated device, allowing you to take extreme close-up images as close as 1 cm.

120°Ultra-wide Shooter
120°Ultra-wide Shooter appears to have a wider view than a standard, which occurs due to a shorter focal length. The shorter this focal length is, the longer the field of view through your lens, meaning the amount of the world that you can see at one time. The upside to a lens like this is that you can fit more into your frame, so for instance, if you want to show off a large vista or even to capture the entirety of a large object that is close to you then this lens is better suited for the task than a standard angle lens would be. With a 120°Ultra-wide Shooter, the whole building is more comprehensive and multi-dimensional, and there is no distortion at the edges with smoother lines.

1cm Ultra-Macro Shooter
If you like taking photos of small things, then you’ll enjoy Blackview BV9200 1cm Ultra-Macro Shooter. It is all about turning ordinary objects into extraordinary ones by capturing details in extreme close-ups, exampled by snowflakes stuck to a dog’s fur, and dewdrops on a spiderweb. Especially, it is also a great way to discover new aspects of plants, you can get close-up views of all the tiny parts like stamen as below. With a 1cm Ultra-Macro Shooter, It can capture clear macro images of flowers, like petals and stamens, showing delicate flowers without losing their vividness.

Real Tone Front Camera: 16MP Samsung® 5K3P9 front camera
Blackview has always championed the idea of enabling users to interpret their Real Tone through the lens of their smartphone, expressing the nuances of different skin tones for all people regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. Blackview BV9200 is equipped with a 16MP Samsung® 5K3P9 front camera that comes in a Tetrapixel version and RGB Bayer pattern. Tetrapixel pattern offers brighter images for selfies with brighter results, and RGB Bayer pattern offers high resolution for greater details with WDR and PDAF. As a result, it helps users capture top selfies in realistic colors with improved contrast and low noise levels, making portraits more expressive of nature in skin, texture, and contrast. With 16MP Samsung® 5K3P9 front camera, it improves the overall brightness, and the saturation of colors and the details of the contours have also been more realistically reproduced.

Arcsoft Backed Camera Modes: Capture the Beauty in Life with Ease
ArcSoft is the major global provider of visual algorithms and software used for advanced camera systems in a range of platforms. By cooperating with Arcsoft, Blackview is using the latest software and algorithms to push the boundaries of mobile photography, delivering users the experience of carrying a pocket-sized camera everywhere they go. Powered by Arcsoft, Blackview BV9200 showcases its next-generation camera solution in smartphones, enabling users to capture extraordinary images and express their inspirations to the fullest, no matter what the situation. ArcSoft’s software has been helping the Blackview BV9200 cameras modes upgrade to version 3 with HDR Mode 3.0, Beauty Mode 3.0, Portrait Mode 3.0, and Panorama Mode 3.0.

HDR Mode 3.0
With HDR Mode 3.0, Blackview BV9200 allows users to take photos with stunning clarity and boosts colors and contrast depending on the particular scene, making professional photo-taking a breeze. The main function of this feature is to improve the high dynamic range of photos, allowing you to capture different exposures at the same time using the same pixels. It is created by using a series of rapidly captured images that provide sufficient details in both the shadows and highlights, saving good photos with adequate detail levels, excellent contrast, low noise, and top dynamic range. With HDR Mode 3.0, it automatically optimizes the light in the background and filters overexposure, making it comfortable to see.

Beauty Mode 3.0
Beauty Mode 3.0, the so-called beauty filter, is a feature that becomes a hit in the camera field. With Beauty Mode 3.0, users can now look naturally perfect by adjusting every aspect of the face such as the shape and skin. You will no longer need to use photo-editing applications to look your best, saving you time for editing the photos. Beauty Mode will retouch your photos by removing blemishes and smoothening your skin which will apply these effects in real-time when you take the photo, helping you be the best in every photo.

Portrait Mode 3.0
Portrait Mode 3.0 is commonly linked to the artificial blurring of the background, which mimics the bokeh effect that is typically seen in dedicated cameras with specialized lenses. It is excellent at proficient subject separation which is proper enough not to mess up some body parts, and the blur is convincing with realistic colors. As you can see, portrait mode makes your photo’s subject really pop by muting distractions in the background while focusing on the subject. Since the background is blurry, your eyes naturally gravitate toward the non-blurry section of the picture, making your photography game big time. With Beauty Mode 3.0, it makes a brighter complexion with dedicated skin and dimensional features, delivering clear details like smiles and natural tones of eyes. With Portrait Mode 3.0, it handles well the portrait and the background with a clear outline and layered background, making the girl only focus in the spotlight.

Panorama Mode 3.0
Panorama mode 3.0 is used to take wide-angle shots by joining multiple shots side by side, allowing you to capture images in a larger format that includes more than what your lens normally sees. While you are using Panorama Mode, it works by moving your phone slowly in one direction so that it’s able to capture much more than just a single field of view at one time. It has several benefits for helping you take better travel photos including wide landscape photos, better group photos, and interesting architecture as below. With Panorama mode 3.0, the transition processing is great without deformation, making all the details such as road, river, building, and sky into one frame.

Other Camera Modes
In the rugged phone field, Blackview is no doubt the pioneer brand in camera aspects, while the group continues to work on new camera features. To this day, Blackview BV9200 supports many camera modes such as its showpiece with Super Night Mode, Video Recording with Beauty Mode, and Underwater Mode. With Panorama mode 3.0, the transition processing is great without deformation, making all the details such as road, river, building, and sky into one frame.

Super Night Mode
Blackview BV9200 now works with a variety of optimizations to capture fine details in low-light conditions, pushing the limits of what’s possible in terms of frame stacking and exposure on smartphone cameras. The all-new Super Night Mode makes night shots thing a piece of cake, as users can now capture amazing night scenery with no fill light. It can instantly take multiple photos at different exposures and then brilliantly combines them to greatly improve brightness and clarity, meaning night scenes can now be captured with a high level of detail and stability. With Super Night mode 3.0, it simply brightens the whole picture, making details in the dark clearer, such as the sharper texture of stairs, trees, and pillars.

Video Recording with Beauty Mode
As more and more emphasis has been put on video, Blackview BV9200 with video recording with beauty mode helps you capture the best quality footage, right out of the box. In fact, the best camera phone for video doesn’t just mean having a great lens, and it also means having a lot of computational power and smart software to produce a good-looking finished product. Video recording with beauty mode allows you to control the on and off of the beauty mode while taking the video, and even allows you to make the manual setting of the AI adjustment for more or less beauty as you like. With Video Recording with Beauty Mode, the skin texture and color have been significantly optimized with soft fill light effects, making it look bright and clear with crisp hair.

Underwater Mode
Despite there being some restrictions in photography, Blackview makes full use of BV9200 with endless possibilities such as taking underwater pictures in underwater mode. Mixed with the waterproof capabilities of Leading IP68 & IP69K, Blackview BV9200 has enough room to be completely submerged for 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, making it a perfect fit for underwater photography. Whether it is people swimming or pictures of a small shrimp, it does not go astray in camera quality so you can expect no compromise on pictures. With Video Recording with Beauty Mode, it has ample light and natural color in underwater conditions, providing distinctive color and outline of shrimp horns and stones.

Price & Availability
The world premiere of Blackview BV9200 starts from January 9th to 13th, 2023 PST at only $199.99 (down from $399.99) with 50% off! Want to buy it? Click here for more information.

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