How to set an alarm clock on Xiaomi Mi AI smart speaker

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Xiaomi AI speakers use a simple and fresh design style, pure white column fuselage can become the embellishment of the home, the lower half of the speaker irregular dot holes, but also make this speaker appear more flavor. Well, how does Xiao Ai set the alarm clock? let’s take a look at it with the editor.

Xiaomi Mi AI smart speaker

Method 1
Voice wake up Xiao Ai, tell it to set a few o’clock alarm clock, Xiaomi AI speaker 1.42.5 stable version and later version, you can specify the alarm clock ringtone, say to it, “wake me up with Jay Chou’s song at seven o’clock tomorrow morning.” Or “wake me up tomorrow morning with Zhou Jielun’s blue and white porcelain.” at this time, Xiao Ai will confirm the alarm clock message with you and reply to it “yes”.

Method 2
1. Open the [Little Love Speaker] APP, and click on the lower right corner [my] to find the [alarm clock].

 Xiaomi Mi AI smart speaker

2. Find [add alarm clock] in [function], on the [alarm clock Editing] page, select the type of working day that needs the alarm bell in [repeat], select the time of the alarm bell by allocation, and enter the necessary reminders in the [remarks]. Adjust the volume flexibly.

Xiaomi Mi AI smart speaker

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