Huawei Honor Band 5 review: an excellent health monitor and fitness tracker

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HUAWEI Honor band 5 was released in Xi’an on the afternoon of July 23. This time, Honor band 5 has made many functional upgrades on the basis of the previous generation of Honor band 4, such as blood oxygen test, NFC payment, excise monitor and so on. Makes the Honor band 5 more functional.

Huawei Honor Band 5

The overall appearance of the Honor band 5 is similar to that of the Honor band 4, with a rectangular dial case, a HOME key under the dial, and a anti-lost horseshoe buckle design.

The Honor band 5 features a 0.95-inch AMOLED multi-color screen with a resolution of 240×120 and 282 PPI. The screen is covered with 2.5D arc glass for more scratch resistance, the dial theme can be replaced at will, and third-party custom dials are supported. It is very practical for users.

One of the major upgrades to Honor band 5 is the addition of blood oxygen detection (SpO2), which is particularly useful for high-intensity mental workers, the elderly, and alpine / plateau users.

It is reported that:
● 100% – 90% of the blood oxygen data are normal.
● 89% – 70% need to reduce activity, pay attention to rest, if there is any discomfort recommended to see a doctor.
● Less than 70% need to see a doctor in time.

Honor band 5 also supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, built-in high-precision AI algorithm, the comprehensive accuracy is as high as 97.8%. Also support Huawei TruSleep 2.0, non-visible light heart rate monitoring, to avoid night light interference.

At the same time, Honor band 5 also supports 10 kinds sports modes, covering all day-to-day sports. Support NFC bus payment, cover 252 China cities, support the removal, recovery and relocation of traffic cards. (this function only works in China).

The analog access card feature, which will be upgraded in November, supports public key cards, non-encrypted cards, and blank cards. (this function only works in china)

Further more, the basic features of smart band the Honor band 5 must have too. Such as stranger number identification, unread message, real-time view of the message, intelligent reminder of the situation, find the phone, remote camera, etc. It provides great convenience for daily life.

Moreover, the Honor band 5 support HiLink intelligent home control, enable intelligent life scenarios.

Battery life and price
It can last up to 14 days on a single charge. AMOLED low power color screen, performance upgrade, battery life experience more.

The standard version is 189RMB, the NFC version is 219RMB, both of will under $100. in addition, the standard version is on sale at today (7.23), the NFC version will on sale at July 29th.

The new Honor Band 5 undoubtedly the most cost-effective smart band product since Xiaomi Mi band 4, it’s an excellent health monitor and fitness tracker under $100!

Huawei Honor Band 5

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