Huawei is preparing a 5G 8K TV for later 2019

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Huawei could launch an 8K TV equipped with a 5G modem before the end of 2019. It could then be able to stream ultra-high quality video content without boxes or WiFi. But also to serve as a router for other connected objects in the house.

5G 8K TV

Huawei plans to launch an 8K and 5G television before the end of 2019, reports Nikkei, who cites sources close to the issue. The 5G modem included directly in the TV set would allow content to be streamed directly without the need for a box or a fixed internet connection. Even better, it could even provide a router service for other connected objects in the home, says the publication.

Huawei: a 5G TV for streaming 8K video content
As 4K begins to make inroads into the home, it is certain that the 8K TV segment will be niche for several years to come. But manufacturers are starting to present their products. Samsung and LG presented 8K TVs at CES 2019 and Sony has already launched a 98-inch 8K TV. Where Huawei’s proposal seems particularly interesting is that the 5G modem can theoretically stream 8K videos without the need for a WiFi connection at spectacular speeds.

Of course, the usefulness of such a product so early is almost nil. The first commercial 5G network is just available in South Korea. China, Japan and the United States are expected to follow soon. In France, it will be necessary to wait until 2020 but few users will really be able to benefit from it. There is also the question of the availability of 8K content. Even today, 4K is far from being the norm, there is no risk of watching 8K series or films for a long time. But we know at least that brands are seriously considering it for a medium-term future. The PS5 will be compatible with 8K, it’s official.

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