Kieslect Smart Tag – Keep track of something precious

Do you have the trouble of forgetting your key when you go out and not being able to get in? Then you need Kieslect Smart Tag! Kieslect Smart Tag is coming soon – Keep track of something precious.

IMI Kie SmartTag

Kieslect Smart Tag Highlights
1. Wide compatibility. Suitable for all smart phones: including iPhone and Android phones
2. Mutual search-two-way tracking
3. Anti-lost alarm for mobile phone 50m away

Kieslect Smart Tag Features
– Provide accurate location to navigate your finding. Even when your are at home with so many corners to be searched, finding the lost item can be such a easy task.
– Small and easy to carry. Take it with you and protect it silently
– Anti-lost function to care for your personal belongings. Lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. Can be widely used in a variety of items.
– Play alert sound to lead you to the hidden corner. The Kieslect Tag can be found immediately if you can identify the source of the sound. We suggest you to play the alert sound
of Kieslect Tag under circumstance.
– Smart chip to support the best technical. Kieslect Tag boasts a built-in smart chip that helps to support precise navigation, fast connection and long battery life.
– Widely applied to whatever you want to be kept in view. This Smart tag can be tied to anything you want. Your bag, purse, electronic products, luggage or small items like keys, which is deemed as the most frequent lost in our daily life.
– With one easy click, the item rings. You can easily find your key.

How to find your lost things?
1. The tag will make sound so you can hear. You can play a sound on the built-in speaker by using app. If it’s hiding nearby — like under the couch or in the next room — just follow the sound and your search is over.
2. You can locate the lost thing in a MAP. Your Phone (both iPhone and Andriod) can lead you straight to it with Precision Finding. You’ll see the distance and the direction to head in.
3. Track back your phone. Press the button on anti-lost tag twice, and your phone will make noise to help you find it, even your phone is in silent mode.
4. Optional Safety Zone. If you set a safety zone for item, when it get out of safety zone, your phone will alarm you.
Note: APP shall be open at the same time.

About Kieslect Smart Tag
Kieslect Smart Tag can be installed in all mobile phones brands, while Samsung or Apple Tag can only with their own brand phones. Apple AirTag cannot track lost Phones back but Kieslect Smart Tag is able to track lost iPhone.

The Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device is available in black and white. There is a Kieslect logo on the body. There is only a physical button on the front at the bottom corner, and there is a circle of white LED indicators around it. When activated, it will emit a red Light. The IMI Kie SmartTag anti-lost device is small and exquisite, you can see that it is not much bigger than a dollar coin, and you will hardly feel its weight in your hand, so you will hardly feel its existence when you carry it daily. There is a hanging hole in the upper corner of the IMI Kie SmartTag anti-lost device, which can be used with the hanging ring in the accessories; a battery is built in the anti-lost device, and you can use it directly after you get it.

But if you want to realize all the functions of the IMI Kie SmartTag anti-lost device, you need to use it with the “Tuya Smart” APP on your mobile phone, which can be searched and downloaded directly from the mobile phone’s built-in application store. The binding operation of the device is also relatively simple. First, ensure that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on, and then only need to operate according to the system prompts. After the binding is successful, the user can customize the item picture and item name.

The Kieslect Smart Tag anti-lost device has two modes: object-finding mode and anti-lost mode. Users can choose according to their specific needs. The object-finding mode supports finding items and looking for mobile phones, but no reminder will be issued when items are lost; anti-lost mode supports losing reminders, finding items and finding mobile phones, but it will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone; you can also perform the “advanced settings” operation to perform Alarm distance setting and alarm delay time setting.

IMI Kie SmartTag IMI Kie SmartTag

About Kieslect. As a new comer brand in consumer electronic, Shanghai Kieslect Technology Company Limited was founded by members from Netease and Wingtec in Dec 2018. Kieslect means the Rigorously-selected. With huge expertise in integrating Market-Research &Solution &Component-Supply &Production, Kieslect owns the advantage in bring a product from 1 to 2, but not from 0 to 1. Kieslect aims in cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fan. Follow us on Facebook & Linkedin.

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