Introducing DTNO.I DT66, the smartwatch for girls

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Today, we’d love to introduce this excellent everyday, finely-crafted and reliable watch – DT66, for women to wear with confidence and style.BTW, you can buy it from for an amazing good price.

With this smart watch, you can easily learn about your menstrual management, this is never be easy for you to access before, but a smart watch make all this happen. You can set pre-menstrual reminder, menstrual precautions, and post-menstrual precautions. Beside this feature, this watch has heart rate monitoring

Tracking your health all-day
Built-in bio sensing sensor chip Combine optics/structure/algorithm. Use PPG photoelectric sensor to accurately monitor your heart rate 7*24 hours. Track your health all-day.

Blood oxygen monitoring
Blood oxygen is very important to the respiratory and circulatory system, and has important reference significance for the diagnosis of/respiratory and sleep-related diseases. It is a watch for woman on business, sport and daily use. During a sport activity, if your blood oxygen saturation goes low, it may come up symptoms such as dizziness/fatigue/vomiting., etc. This small gadget is acting like your health monitor, you may consider what is going on on your health condition.

Sleep monitoring
Real-time heart rate monitoring, recording of deep sleep,light sleep and other states to help you improve the quality of sleep.

Multiple Sport Scientific exercise
Various sports for women. Using intelligent exercise algorithm.

Training real-time monitoring
Professional analysis of exercise data, let you know more about exercise. The exercise status combines various data to judge your training and provide a reference for your next exercise.

Smart assistant
After Bluetooth is connected, it supports incoming calls and message reminders without missing any messages; it also supports sedentary reminders to help you improve your habits.

DT66, a great gift created for women.


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