Introducing Neabot NoMo Q11 – Neabot’s New Flagship Robot Vacuum

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Neabot NoMo Q11 – No More Dust, No More Manual Disposal. Neabot’s Flagship Robot Vacuum of 2021. Get Limited Super Early Bird Price @ Indiegogo.

Neabot NoMo Q11

In the times of IoT, everything seems to be connected and smart. Unfortunately, robot vacuum cleaners available in the market are just not quite there yet. They fall short to completely free up our hands from house cleaning because of their deficiency in obstacle avoidance, deep cleaning, house mapping etc. Neabot NoMo Q11 lifts the AI obstacle avoidance technology to a whole new level. It utilizes 3D scanning & mapping instead of 2D that’s widely used by competing products.

Together with the most advanced route planning algorithm, Neabot Q11 plans better cleaning routes than any other robot vacuums and achieves an industry-high cleaning rate of 91%. The compact body, 3.4-inch in height, easily gets under beds and sofas. Its unbeatable suction power of 4000Pa is one of the strongest on the market. When getting on carpet, it automatically boost the suction to give the carpet a much more thorough cleaning.

Q11 comes with an interactive APP of its own, on which you can easily set the cleaning areas or the no-go zones. We’ve had noise reduction in mind from day one, so that you and your family can have your life/work undisturbed while Neabot Q11 gets your house cleaned up. In addition to all above wonderful features, the uniqued design of Q11 stands out in a very visually pleasing way.

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