Introducing Unagi All-Access

Posted in Sep 22, 2020 in News, no comment

Since the beginning of the year, demand for our scooters has skyrocketed. So we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make Unagi accessible to anyone.

Unagi All-Access

Unagi All-Access – which launched exclusively in L.A. and New York last month – gives people a new way to get their own Unagi, without any commitment. Our flat $39 monthly price includes maintenance and insurance for scooter theft or damage. You can cancel anytime.

As cities re-open, people are looking for safer alternatives to get around without sharing transportation. Unagi empowers people to explore their city in a smarter, more sustainable way – and to do it in style.

The subscription service is currently available in Los Angeles and New York City, and provides unrestricted access to an Unagi Model One E500, including maintenance and insurance for scooter theft or damage. Subscribers can receive an E500 delivered to their doorstep for as little as $34 a month (if paying the annual fee – $39 if paying month-to-month), plus an initial $50 setup fee.

If you’re in LA or NY, this will revolutionize your travel experience.


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