IP68 Octa-core Ulefone Armor is Launched, Presold for $159.99

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For long, we have been in the efforts to make stuffs for people with various needs. We have made devices with big battery and HiFi chipset while people love them very much. And that give us confidence to explore further. That’s why we can launch before the yearend a cool device with extra solidness. It is perhaps the best protected mobile phone you have ever known in the world.


Its name is Ulefone Armor. It is IP68 dust and water proof and it is remarkably more vulnerable to hit than most phone. You may find it adorable if you are enthusiastic about hiking or climbing or you simply have a slippery hand.

If you find you need the Armor after thinking over, there is another good news. You can buy it right now because we have already started the presales for the special price USD159.99, a USD40 discount from the original price USD199.99.  Now please follow me to know what you will get for so few dollars.

1. Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof. To achieve IP68 dust and water proof, we have adopted ultra tight structure, ubiquitously applied waterproof films, as we as waterproof speaker, earpiece, and microphone. Stuffed in polycarbonate-TPU double-layer body, Ulefone Armor is also supposed to survive most hits on hard ground while the material will also ensure the device to live from -20℃ to 80℃.
2. Physical Navigation Keys. Ulefone Armor has adopted the good old physical keys for system navigation. With solid feedback, your finger will not find them wrongly.
3. Masculine Aesthetics. Ulefone Armor is clearly made out of pragmatism, but our designers have also tried to deliver some masculine aesthetics though the big slabs and naked screws on the back cover as well as tyre texture on the edges.
4. SOS to Help You out Of Maze. On the upper right frame of Ulefone Armor, there is a very helpful SOS key. Holding it for 5 seconds, you will make a call as well as send a message with GPS information to the contact you preset. It may save your life someday.
5. 13MP camera for Underwater photography. Ulefone Armor has adopted a 13MP camera and 5-element lens for true-to-life images. And on the lower right frame, there is a physical camera shutter to enable underwater photography. That’s why Ulefone Armor will bring you exceptional photography experience.
6. Once Popular NFC Become Popular Again. Ulefone Armor can replace your various IC cards in most conditions. With NFC function, it will become your most frequently used tool in daily life.
7. 18 Frequency Bands. Ulefone Armor is compatible with totally 18 frequency bands in 2G/3G/4G, including some CDMA and TDD-LTE ones. Having it, travelers will not have to buy another phone during a long journey.
8. Excellent Signal Reception. See the metal part on the bottom of phone body? It’s not only part of the appearance design, but also an extended antenna to ensure smooth signal reception in various tough conditions.
9. GPS, GLONASS, E-compass, Gyroscope. In the wild, Ulefone Armor can offer you various ways to position yourself, including GPS, GLONASS, e-compass, and gyroscope, all of which have been optimized to reach highest precision.
10. Excellent Specs. Ulefone Armor packs MTK6753 octa-core 64-bit chipset, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, 32GB storage, and 3500mAh battery. They together will offer pleasant using experience. We have proved that on many of our models with similar specs and there is no need to explain again.


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