Keep in Mind the Benefits of Smart Toys for Kids

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Every day more and more smart toys and gadgets for kids appear on the market. With the overwhelming range of entertainment options for our kids, what do we do? On one side we have the classic ones, the kind of toys we played with in our childhood. It is a legacy and a bond to see your son play with a simple toy car or your daughter brushing the doll’s hair, as we did. On the other side we have the smart toys.

Smart Toys for Kids

As the times change, that toy car drives itself and the doll is talking and interacting with the kids. The purpose of them remains the same: they are still meant to entertain. But now they plus it up with so much more special experience and benefits.

The benefits
● The kind of imagination kids have when they are young is unmatched during their lifetime. Every object has a whole world built around it. As the toy itself helps evolve that world, it pushes the kid’s imagination further and further, encouraging interest and curiosity.
● The education potential of smart toys is huge. As well as traditional education, meaning facts and lessons, some toys can teach our kids social skills and good manners. Playing with smart toys, most important, makes children accustomed with the digital world, which is essential for this era. Our environment becomes more and more digitized. To be a functional member of society in the future will automatically include being one with the tech. The trend is going to a place where all of our gadgets will be interconnected. Because of this, it is essential that our kids learn how to combine toys, interchange parts of them, and use things together. A few decades ago we needed to get up from the couch to change the TV channel, now it can be done from your phone or by the wave of a hand. This will be their everyday lives, part of their normal course of things, so it is extremely important that they get accustomed as soon as possible. More to this, social skills and education will not lose its value. Some smart toys are programmed not to respond to mean words, discouraging bully behaviour.
● Most of all, the main benefit is still the entertainment of the child. Children grow bored of simple toys quickly and need diverse and challenging activities, tailored to their level and needs. One simple plastic doll can only entertain them so much until we hear “I want a new toy!”. The AI behind many of them offers a varied but custom experience for the kids and so they became more sustainable in the end.

Which one do I choose?
So many of them, so varied, so new… I want my child to benefit from all of this, but do I know how to use them? I read reviews of actual parents that tried the product, toy or gadget. And this is what we do too as part of the Ana Creative Play, combining both smart and traditional forms of play. If you need an idea for a toy click here or if you want to collaborate for reviews, more details here.


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