Linux Mini PCs from Rikomagic, Powerful and Efficient devices

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Following the huge success of our Android Mini PCs and TV boxes, Rikomagic released in the past several devices based on Linux software.



The first dual core linux PC was MK802III LE. After that, Rikomagic released MK802IV LE, MK902 LE, MK902II LE, V5 LE, MK80 LE. The MK36 LE equipped with Intel solution will be ready soon.

How do they work?
The Rikomagic Linux Edition (LE) Mini PC’s plug into any HDMI compatible display or TV and are powered by an external USB power supply or USB lead. Simply plug in, connect a keyboard and mouse, turn on and enjoy the world of Linux on any display.

Full Ubuntu Desktop OS
All our Mini PC’s come preinstalled with Ubuntu (12.04LTS or 14.04LTS) which is the 3rd most popular operating system in the world… and whats more, its FREE… and so is the majority of software for it! Its a real computer, and theres no constraints!

So many uses…
Our Linux Edition Mini PC’s are unbelievably flexible. They can be used as a standalone computer or as a device for carrying out dedicated tasks, for example it could be set up as a local file server, webserver, media player, digital signage device or whatever Linux application you need a small low energy computer to run.

Powerful and efficient
The Rikomagic LE Mini PC’s are so small they can easily be taken from place to place and used anywhere there is a display available, they also run on a fraction of the power that a traditional PC uses and can replace it in many applications freeing up space on the desk and reducing energy bills.



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