Lotoo @ CIHE Guangzhou 2020

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Lotoo is a premium brand that everyone looks for while getting high-end audio gears. They are a part of every audio event happening around and showcase their high-quality products.

CIHE Guangzhou 2020

At the CIHE(China International Headphone Expo) 2020 they brought their powerful line up of products to the table, including Lotoo Paw S1 their latest portable USB DAC/AMP, Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Titanium Limited Edition digital audio player, and Lotoo Paw D1 USB audio interface, and Lotoo Paw 1 Audio Recorder with media player. The Paw Gold Touch Titanium stole the limelight with its stellar looks and outstanding sonic performance. People gathered in huge lines to experience the Lotoo Products during the expo. All these products will be released worldwide later this year.

Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Titanium
Limelight at the Lotoo stall was focused primarily here, at the limited edition Lotoo Paw Gold Touch Titanium edition. It is a limited edition Lotoo Paw Touch Gold variant made with ultra precious TA15, an aerospace and defense grade titanium alloy that is extremely hard to hand and unforgiving during the CNC machining process. The player is coated with PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) technology to provide long-lasting protection and enhance the texture of this precious metal. The device looks stellar and outstanding with a beautiful chrome finish which looks premium to handle. We have already experienced the sonic qualities of the Paw Gold Touch, and this particular variant takes the looks of that brilliant sounding device to another level. It is surely a head-turning device that will catch the attention anywhere you go with it.

Lotoo Paw 1 Modular Smart Audio Recorder
Lotoo previously has several other audio recording and playing devices. They have previewed their latest Paw 1 high-quality audio recorder device. It has a traditional high-quality audio recorder that has dual voice recording mics at the top. It can play high-quality recordings and also Flac files with ease. The device looks pretty solid and works like a charm.

Lotoo Paw D1 USB Audio Interface
Along with the limited edition LPGT Titanium and Lotoo PAW 1 Audio recorder, Lotoo also showcased the PAW D1 USB audio interface. The PAW D1 features SPDIF, XLR, Optical ports. It can act as a front-end on your computer to record high-quality audio instruments. We were so busy experiencing the LPGT Titanium that we completely forgot to ask about this device. More info will be shared later this year while the release from the brand.

The experience at Lotoo stall was completely outstanding with its high-end product range. There was not any moment when there was no rush at the stall, people were gathered in large numbers to experience their exceptional products. The LPGT Titanium is surely a high-end digital audio player, it not only provided outstanding sonic performance but also features stellar looks. All these products will be released later this year worldwide.



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