Mediatek Dimensity 5G enables Google 3D mapping aided corrections

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Google 3D mapping aided corrections builds on dual-band GNSS navigation with new advancements that provide the most accurate smartphone positioning ever, particularly in urban, city environments. 3D mapping aided corrections use 3D building models, raw GPS measurements, and machine learning to fix reflected GPS signals that can cause a wrong-side-of-the-street position error.

Mediatek Dimensity 5G

During the development of its 3D mapping aided corrections, MediaTek has been collaborating with Google to enable it on our Dimensity 5G smartphone platforms. Brand partners can now rollout compatibility in their future updates.

“Google’s 3D mapping aided corrections is a major advancement in personal location accuracy for smartphone users when walking in urban environments. MediaTek’s Dimensity 5G family enables 3D mapping aided corrections in addition to its highly accurate dual-band GNSS and industry-leading dead reckoning performance to give the most accurate global positioning ever for 5G smartphone users,” said Dr. Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager, MediaTek Wireless Communications Business Unit.

All MediaTek Dimensity 5G-integrated smartphone platforms feature dual-band (L1+L5) GNSS, while the Dimensity 1000 family also provides industry-leading dead reckoning performance when satellite positioning in unavailable. Combined with Google 3D mapping aided corrections, Dimensity-powered smartphones provide unprecedented location accuracy for their users.

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