Metakoo Bee, World’s First Mini RC Quadcopter With Programmable Flipping

Posted in May 20, 2016 in News, no comment

An American company from California which designs and manufactures commercial and recreational vehicles and toys, called Metakoo, puts up a new drone on the market.

Metakoo Bee


This little device brings the revolutionary change in the industry. What does new Metakoo Bee have?

The device is quite small, miniscular; on the other hand, that enables it to withstand maneuvers that many other devices can’t. We finally get to see a quadcopter that can flip, and not end falling while attempting this maneuver.

The device needs two batteries for the joypad used for the remote controlling, and it needs to be charged via the USB cable to get airborne. The Metakoo Bee is equipped with finest pressure sensors that, combined with the incredibly small weight and compact dimensions, enable this drone to artificially perform the flipping maneuver.

The usability is further improved with automatic landing and taking off buttons, for which the Metakoo Bee quadcopter starts flying and lands in a half of a second. The 6-axis controller pads and multiple-speed programs enable great fun to the users. The multi-directional agility of this drone is amazing – it is quick, responsive, and incredibly versatile. For the future shoppers, this device is a definite go, as it raised the bar in the industry for sure.



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