Nomu S50 Pro now for only $149

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The fourth-generation super phone went on sale. It’s amazing, you’ve never seen it before!

Nomu S50 Pro

Ever since the development of mobile phone, it has gone through numerous iterations and updates. Nowadays, the new rugged smart phone is getting more and more popular among outdoor professionals and sports players.

At present, the smartphones made by most manufacturers such as iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, etc. all choose the use of glass. It is very common to cause the screen to break when the phone falls on the ground in daily life or dropped in water. Also, the speaker, microphone, Micro-USB port can get clogged when the phone is intact with dust. Those problems create a hurdle between the phone and its user.

Thanks to the recent advancements, the spare parts of almost every phone are highly expensive. That full-screen with the in-display fingerprint reader can easily cost you $400 to $600. Damn! You can buy a new phone with that. Thus, repairing your phone is not a solution these days as it has become expensive. Moreover, there’s always a possibility that you won’t get 100% of your phone like it was before, once it’s fixed.

So… What exactly is rugged smartphone? Find more here!


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