Nubia Red Magic Mars gaming phone released

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On November 28, 2018, Nubia launched the Red Magic Mars gaming phone at the VSPN Competition Center in Shanghai. Like Red Magic, the Red Magic Mars is a professional equipment in the field of e-Sports.

Nubia Red Magic Mars

It surpasses the super-luxury hardware configuration of the current flagship smartphones. The optimization of e-Sports system and game adaptation, as well as the professional functions designed to improve the e-Sport experience making the Red Magic Mars a focus of both the amateur and professional game players.

The Red Magic Mars, as a “professional equipment” specially designed for games, must have many exclusive secrets. Now, let’s explore it together.

As a complete evolutionary form of the early “Red Magic”, Nubia Red Magic Mars has greatly strengthened its basic configuration in response to the calls of gaming players. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and the combination of 10GB DDR4 memory and 256GB UFS 2.1 flash memory made Nubia Red Magic Mars score an astonishing benchmark of more than 360,000 points in the test program of Master Lu, which undoubtedly establishes the current top hardware configuration.

However, for a truly professional gaming phone, the Nubia Red Magic Mars is obviously not a simple combination of specs. On the one hand, ET evolutionary tensor AI acceleration technology developed by Nubia has been integrated into the bottom of the system, which brings faster response speed, better memory management and performance scheduling; On the other hand, the turbulent air-cooled heat dissipation design on the Nubian Red Magic mobile phone has evolved into a wind-water-cooled ICE multi-dimensional heat dissipation system which integrates heat conduction and heat dissipation.

Inside the body of the Nubia Red Magic Mars, engineers added a super-large liquid-cooled heat pipe with a nanocapillary structure with a heat dissipation area of up to 22000mm². With the combination of heat pipes and three layers of graphene radiators, the heat of high-heating parts of the Nubia Red Magic Mars will be absorbed rapidly and transmitted to a larger area of low temperature to achieve rapid heat transfer.

In the meanwhile, Nubia Red Magic Mars inherits and improves the original air-cooled heat dissipation design of previous models. Through the landmark design of four-way convective air chute and honeycomb radiator, the natural expansion and flow characteristics of hot air can be effectively utilized, and the dispersive heat can be quickly discharged. In this way, compared with the traditional heat pipe heat conduction scheme, the new heat dissipation system of Nubia Red Magic Mars “liquid cooling + air cooling” perfectly achieves the heat conduction and emission.

We can see that Nubia Red Magic Mars adopts a fairly innovative cooling system. But its basic idea is quite “simple”: the real gaming phone not only has high enough performance, but also has to maintain such high performance in the long time game playing. In fact, that is just the essential quality of gaming phones.

With top-level and stable performance, the basic game experience has been guaranteed on the Nubia Red Magic Mars. However, as the leader of the “gaming phone”, the Red Magic team has accumulated rich experience in professional game competitions before, which makes them well understand what the professional eSports players really need.

On the Red Magic Mars gaming phone, Nubia has brought a brand new “full-mode combat system”. It encompasses five aspects of the enhanced experience of “sound, voice, look, control and shake”, which perfectly meets the needs of professional game players.

The Nubia Red Magic Mars has three color versions of obsidian black, fire red and ares camouflage. The obsidian black and fire red with 6GB + 64GB is only 388$; the obsidian black and flame-red with 8GB+128GB cost 460$; the top configuration with 10GB+256GB of the ares camouflage version costs 575$. After the launch,Nubia Red Magic Mars will make an appointment at Nubian official mall and Nubian offline experience store, and will officially go on sale at 0 o ‘clock on December 7th.


Nubia Red Magic Mars Nubia Red Magic Mars Nubia Red Magic Mars

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