Photo Gallery: Difficult Refining Journey of Doogee F3 and F5

Since Iphone5 were made of full magnesium and alluminum alloy, the fashion wave of metal material hits most of the mobile phone factories in the world. Through manufacture molds, conventional plastic mobile phone frame could be mass made in a high productivity, and it costs not much.



While the metal mobile phone frame were  made one by one in accurate CNC cutting technology. For a delicate finished metal mobile phone frame, How many steps does a metal casting should go through? Check this out. The below introduces the technologies of producing metal frame.

A refined finished metal cover is a crystallization from full CNC cutting technology and die-casting crafts. Full CNC phone frame is milled from a piece of aluminum (or other metal materials) by CNC machining center, while die-casting crafts is to melt metals under high pressure and then cast by mold to form a metal frame.

CNC technology costs and wastes a lot but it produces good quality products. Compared with this, die-casting saves time and cost but do harm to using the following anodic oxidation process. It is possible to leave something influencing the quality and appearance, like holes and marks. But don’t worry, DOOGEE has its own yield concept, which will never allow defective products into production processes. DOOGEE integrated both of advantages of these two technologies into a exclusive tailor-made mobile phone. Here DOOGEE is going to play back the secret and complicated producing process.

Due to the pure aluminum’s strength and hardness are not enough, metal phone frame is actually made of aluminum alloy according to different formulas. For example, the 6000 series of aluminum alloy is not strong enough but extending great, so that it tends to be bend, while the Iphone6s made of 7000 series of aluminum alloy is stronger but more crisp. So the 7000 series of aluminum alloy is more difficult to be deformed,but once overloaded, it will directly crack. So those on the above picture were mixed with rare earths, titanium and chromium.

Rather than cutting directly by knife, Die-casting crafts is to melt the aluminum material first under the super high temperature condition.

And then they will be poured into a die-casting machine. This is the most difficult moment within the lifetime of aluminum.Aluminum flows down through cobweb groove and then cast to be the prototype of mobile phone frame. Although seemed so easy, such process always occured   small hole marks. Once happened, it would bring some holes in the following cutting process. Thus, it is necessary to improve the crafts and molds though it will waste a lot of raw materials.

After that, the machine will stripe away the crude fragments on the metal frame and then sends it into the assembly line where will wash away the excess parts and wear off glitches. Finally, the frames of DOOGEE F3 and F5 are almost formed.

Continue to that, they will slowly advance on the assembly line to be sprayed paints overall by 8 groups of 16 nozzles, which ensures them uniform.

Speaking of the paint spraying, here is a nodus. As we all know, there is a problem of receiving signals to metal mobile phone. Iphone4 encounterd this problem when it  had been just launched. Afterward, people found that openning the antenna slots is the way to meet the needs of signals. However,milling the slot is such important but difficult. It must be milled uniform and kept the strength of the metal frame and the overall sense. The below close-ups are antenna slots of F3 and F5.

Completed that process, the paints should be grilled and dried.The all-metal frame is not full glossy surface but matte. So there is a “grit spraying” crafts, which can turn glossy surface to matte. The below picture of mushroom jungle is where machines spray and grill paints. This has not been done successfully for a time but through multiple cycles. Moreover, during that time, metal frames are possible to be worn off another several time.They will go through 5 rounds of paints spraying , 5 rounds of paints grilling and 2 rounds of wearing. Most of time, the first painting is bottom paints, and the last one mixed with pearl or aluminum powder is to ensure the great texture.

The following stage was also called diamond cutting. Before this stage, metal frames should be bored holes for installing cameras, volume keys and speaker. In addition,the name of this stage stems from that the cutting knife looks like diamond.

We can see the yellow part below the cutting knife, which is the diamond. After again and again cutting, the edges of metal frames will be shiny.

After experiencing so much, the refined metal mobile phone finally come to customers’ hands.

Episode: out from factories, F3 and F5 are on their trips to every big exhibiton. In october, 2015, in the biggest electroinc exhibition in China held by Global Sources Group—2015 authmn Hongkong electronic exhibition, DOOGEE’s stand presented the finished metal mobile phone F3 and F5 and their metal frames. This brought an opportunity to customers to touch and see clearly the detailed technology of F3 and F5.


Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3

Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3

Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3 Doogee-F3


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