PlayStation 5: Price, release date, specs and everything you want to know

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There is constant fresh speculation about the release of the PlayStation 5, although Sony has not yet officially committed to the PS5. We’ve rounded up the most important and previously known information about the Next Gen console. You need to know that!

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is in the planning stage
Although Sony hasn’t made a proper announcement on PlayStation 5 yet, more and more rumors of a release in spring 2020 are intensified. Generally, not too much information about the next-gen console is known. Sony is shrouded in silence with information about the new PS5 hardware. It’s already five years old, the PlayStation 4. Since then, there has been an upgrade with the PS4 1TB and the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the PS4 Pro cannot be described as a completely new console. Just days ago, Kenichiro Yoshida, the head of Sony, indirectly confirmed in an interview that the new console was in the works. He seemingly no longer perceives the PS4 as sufficient for the future. “At this point, I can say that next-generation hardware is needed.”

Power: 4K and 60 FPS
While we don’t know anything about actual technology specifications yet, it’s obvious that the PlayStation 5 has to run on 4K and 60 FPS. These are the values that the PS4 Pro already does. However, only occasionally, both features connected are hardly achieved. A new console, on the other hand, should be able to do so. The fans and players would not accept any less, as it would mean stagnation that could be laid out as a step backwards on the part of Sony.

The processor of the PS5
On Twitter, this image was shared, which is supposed to represent a leak to the new processor of the PlayStation 5. He allegedly runs under the code name AMD Gonzalo and is arguably an APU made directly for Sony.

The term 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9 is probably simply a cryptic compilation of letters and numbers for casual gamers. However, some information can be gleaned from this:
▪ Zen processor with 8 cores and 16 threads
▪ Maximum clock rate: 3.2 GHz (in comparison: PS4 Pro = 2.1 GHz)
▪ Special Navi architecture by AMD as a Lite version for consoles

The pulling horse in terms of performance will be the increased clock rate, which can have more GHz than the PlayStation 4. Add to that the novel Navi system AMD works with. Then the blockbusters can actually come, right?

Release period of PS5
It has been suggested for some time that it won’t be so much longer until the release of the PlayStation 5. While some self-proclaimed experts think the Xbox 2, whose project name is Xbox Scorpio, the latest hardware from Microsoft, comes before the new PlayStation, others are sure: Both have the same release year. 2019 seems overly optimistic about this, with much of the speculation running back to 2020. The statement of AMD CEO Lisa Su, who works closely with the two companies Sony and Microsoft, would also fit in with this. It helps the two publishers make their hardware. Shortly before, she explained that AMD was currently working on technologies that were important for the future. So their projects would come out to the public in just over three years. What kind of hardware it is, it does not reveal, but it fits together with the presumed release of a new console in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

The survey, which Sony has already sent out to some European accounts this year, also speaks for an early release of the new console and the extensive work currently being done on it. Readers were asked to answer some questions about their console use. Streaming opportunities were also an issue there. According to the Mail, this is done to plan the future of PlayStation. It has also been widely shared on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 has reached its last lifecycle. There are probably three phases: The beginning, a high and the final phase, where the planning and processing of a new generation is already taking place. So far, Sony’s consoles have always appeared every 6 years. So 2020 would also fit in very well.

No Sony press conference at E3
The fact that Sony takes a little time with the PlayStation 5 would also explain why the publisher completely omits the E3 2019. Unlike previous years, there is no press conference of the publisher at this year’s E3. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter deals extensively with the development of Sony’s upcoming console and regularly gives his opinion and latest insights on it in interviews. He suspects that omit the E3 not only means that the new console will no longer be released this year, but Sony will also no longer have exclusive titles. Death stranding and Days Gone are well known and won’t rip anyone off the chairs – there’s probably much more for this generation. So in his eyes, Sony is withholding more titles to have them in the backhand for the launch of the PS5. At Nintendo, it worked to release really big AAA titles right to the launch and just months after that. That also helped the console’s sales neatly on the bounce. The publisher seems to orient himself on the Japanese.

He also doubts that one of the two Next Gen consoles is waiting until 2021. No one wants to give the other the advantage of the first to bring a better model to the market and thereby to take on major disadvantages. Microsoft didn’t have enough sales with the Xbox One X to compensate for that and Sony won’t want to let Microsoft take the lead

Price policy and VR
In terms of price, Pachter already has an idea. For him, it seems clear that the PlayStation 5 will hit the market with a price tag of about $400. This has also cost the PS4 to be launched on the market. Since VR technology is not yet as mature as many would like it to be, and it is also quite expensive, it does not expect a PlayStation with integrated VR technology. But he believes in a combination package of the PS5 along with a VR set for a good $600.

Cloud usage for Sony not excluded
A discussion on the possibility of cloud use on the upcoming PlayStation generation is also being speculated. Microsoft probably wants to incorporate this possibility in the successor, Sony has been less clear about it. Nevertheless, Sony CEO Masayasu has not yet made a clear repudiation.

Controller with touchscreen
Because of a patent Sony filed some time ago, the PlayStation 5 could also be a dual shock wireless controller that has a touchscreen. This would be a further development to the currently installed touchpad of the controllers. This small screen could display additional information in the game. We are thinking less of a battery display, but perhaps less of the opponent’s remaining TP or other important information that sometimes doesn’t find a place on the screen.

Backward compatibility possible, but not sure.
It is also not known whether Sony will incorporate backward compatibility into its console. It’s a hotly anticipated feature from fans and Microsoft is already doing it in their own way. But due to Sony’s still good sales figures, we’re not sure the publisher will offer that already for the release of the upcoming console. However, there is no official statement from Sony yet, perhaps the publisher surprises us with this feature.

Upcoming games as a bridge between the console generations.
It is thought that some games that do not currently have a fixed release date may also appear on both consoles, the PS4 and PS5. As an example, death stranding comes to mind. A title that will come Sony exclusively and is causing a lot of extra buzz just by its maker, Hideo Kojima. We’re confident that Sony will officially announce PlayStation 5 on either the PlayStation Experience or any other dedicated event in 2019. In this process, we can certainly expect tangible information. We will, of course, keep you up to date.

PS5 release date
Mark Cerny, architect of PS5, finally spoke about the console and shared the first official reports about what to expect from Sony’s new generation. Cerny, the main responsibility for the next PlayStation console, talked about the technology, about its main desires and confirmed it at the end of 2015. In the interview with Wired, where he demonstrated the capabilities of the new generation Devkit, Cerny did not talk about services, games, pre or date of LAN, but suggested that the PS5 arrive at 2020. Cautious to not reveal more than it should or something that later can undergo changes, Cerny does not confirm a specific LAN date, but together with the representatives of Sony, confirms that it does not arrive at 2019, but it does not take much longer to get. Official sources, however, revealed new information about the date of the new Sony console’s LAN. In the latest presents to investors, the company revealed that the PS5 is not being LAN ed in this fiscal year, which means that the device is arriving in stores after the 31st Mar o of 2020

PS5: general features
▪ CPU 8 Core AMD 7nm Zen 2
▪ Support for Ray Tracing with AMD Navi GPU (still not clear if it includes hardware accelerates)
▪ Top-of-the-line SSD storage that offers great improvements in loading face generates the current
▪ Support for the current PS VR helmet and possibly a new helmet
▪ Support for games (as well as digital store games)
▪ Backward compatibility with at least PS4 (not yet official support for older Playstation systems)
▪ Support for Resolu 8K (still not known if native or “stretched”)

What games will PS5 release?
With regard to the games with which you rich PS5 can be LAN Ada, we have to look good for the future. When we think of games that are at least a year from eventually being Lan Ed, both Death Stranding and the Last of Us: Part 2 immediately emerge in our minds. Of course, both games are currently in production for PS4 but H, still, a great possibility to be LAN together with the next Sony console. The original Last of Us was on PS3, when it was only a few months before the PS4 hit the market; A few months later, it was made a port of the same for the latest system. The same could happen with The Last of Us: Part 2, especially if Sony is not pushing Naughty Dog to accelerate the game’s production.

About Death Stranding, Bvio that was given Kojima Productions the time they need to complete the game, J we have not seen yet no gameplay of it. For this, Kojima frequently updates his Twitter with messages about the progress of the GUI of Death Stranding and, if still in the writing phase, means that it is far from finished. Like The Last of Us: Part 2, there is no reason why Death Stranding is not being LAN ed with PS5 after a late LAN on PS4. But what more games can be part of the initial cat logo of PS5? Considering that the production cycle of a 3-year game, a sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn almost certain at this time and, given that the original was LAN at the beginning of 2017, the following would reach the market in 2020. A recently unveiled game that can be a version of Sucker Punch’s PS5 Ghost of Tsushima, announced at PSX in December 2017. We saw nothing more of it for a brief CGI trailer, but not entirely unrealistic to think that it is at least 18 months of its LAN.

How much will the PS5 cost?
For a good guess of how much the PS5 can cost when inevitably is LAN Ada, necess to look at the previous Sony consoles. In 2013, when it came to stores, the PS4 cost 399 euros and, although the PS4 Slim had been LAN in 2016 with a lower price (about 299 euros), the most powerful PS4 Pro entered the market with a pre the same original PS4, 399 euros. Still, there is the possibility of PS5 being more expensive than the previous console and Ro ar The 500 euros as the Xbox One X.

PS5 main specs
Mark Cerny, architect of PS5, finally spoke about the settings of the console. This is the first official glimpse we have on the next machine that Sony generates, a console that presented as a revolution and not a mere evolution of PS4. As Retro-compat vel with PS4, Cerny said the PS5 be equipped with an SSD that drastically reduces loadings and talked about the specific ones. Second shared by Cerny, the PS5 was thought of as a powerful console, able to offer an unequaled fidelity at data and able to cope with the growing size of the files of the games. The PS5 be with a CPU 8 core AMD 7nm Zen 2 based on the third generation of the Ryzen range, a custom GPU derived from the Radeon Navi family and have support for some of the most impressive technologies.

Mark Cerny has confirmed the compatibility with Ray-Tracing-technology that models the path of light to simulate a complex interac in 3D environments. Cerny says that Ray-tracing technology has mostly visual benefits, especially in the rendering of materials and surfaces, but it also has an incredibly realistic feeling of realism and imers. The AMD chip on PS5 also include a custom 3D Udio unit that will redefine what the sound can do in a video game, secures Cerny.

“As a player, it’s been a little frustrating that udio hasn’t changed so much from PS3 to PS4. With the new console, the dream demonstrate how dramatically different the experience of Udio can be when we apply a significant amount of power to it. “

Will PS5 support PS4 games or previous consoles? Backward compatibility
Sony has officially confirmed that PS5 be retro-compat able with PS4. Mark Cerny, architect of the console, spoke in detail about some of the features of Sony’s new console and how to run the games of the current generation in the next. In the same interview where he spoke of the new SSD that was on PS5, Cerny gave the example of the loadings in Spider-Man to show how fast it is on the new console-something that immediately suggests the backward compatibility. Cerny has confirmed that the PS5 be compatible with digital discs and is not a machine focused solely on the digital format, something that could be worrying consumers. The architect of the console also confirmed that, once based on part of the PS4 architecture, the future PS5 be retro-compat able with the games on that console. As would be expected, v Rivers of Sony’s LAN to the end of the generates the be transformed into cross-gen games, which can play on the PS4 and PS5.

What can we expect from PS5?
By putting the speculate of part, what do we ideally want in the PS5? Backwards compatibility with PS4 would be great, because you could play classic games like Shadow of the Colossus on the console of the next generation. In terms of pure power, the PS5 has to significantly exceed the power of PS4 Pro. This means more games running at 4K and 60FPS. We will be happy if the PS5 gets 10 TF, since this would allow the producers to create games with a presents the well above what we currently have. And how would the cat PS5 dream LAN logo be? Death Stranding and the Last of Us: Part 2 are the two highly anticipated blockbusters games, with the latter going to take the platform where it is LAN ADO at the limit of its capacities. Mencion MoS tamb m Ghost of Tsushima and a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, and the last one would be a perfect way to eat the new cycle of Sony.

Of course est, we want to also build games from the root to the PS5. Good to see improved PS4 games running on PS5, but they never show the true potential of the console. A new racing game would be a great idea (a new Gran Turismo possible, but unlikely) but it was good that Sony created new IPs for the launch of new generation.

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