Remodo VC, World’s First Universal Remote Controller for Web Conferencing

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Remotec Technology Limited brings to the fore Remodo VC, a revolutionary remote that is designed to make video conferencing more efficient and user friendly.

Remodo VC

Since the rise of COVID-19, working and learning from home has become part of our daily routine. As a result, the usage of video conferencing has seen an incredible increase. With that, there also comes new unforeseen challenges in efficiency and productivity. Imagine being in a video conference with colleagues at home and while giving a presentation on this week’s performance, in the background is your boyfriend coming over to kiss you good morning, unaware of the meeting that is taking place. Or even take the recent example of Zoom’s very own founder Eric Yuan who during an earnings call with his investors had forgotten to unmute his mic.

To help you say goodbye to those embarrassing moments, Remotec brings to the world Remodo VC, the world’s first universal remote controller for web conferencing.

Easily Mute & Turn Camera On/Off
Remodo VC features dedicated buttons for MUTE and toggling the CAMERA ON/OFF. Not only can you now roam freely in your house and attend to other pressing issues, you can simply keep your very own Remodo VC in your pocket and toggle your mute or camera function with a click of a button. There is no need to remember hotkeys and look for the mouse, the cursor, the icons to mute/unmute or to turn on/off the camera.

Swap between Zoom, MS Teams and other meetings with 1 Click
Remodo VC is compatible with more than 10 different video conferencing systems including Zoom, Webex, MS Team and Google Meet, and it has 3 dedicated hotkeys for most frequently used systems and users can easily swap between them.

Mobile App for Easy Programming
One of the best features for Remodo VC is the mobile app which allows you to custom program the different keyboard shortcuts used commonly by the different web conferencing systems. Additionally, 4 keys are available for customers to program their favorite keyboard shortcuts in addition to the abovementioned – to perform functions such as Screen Share, End Call, Screen Capture and Raise Hand.

Function as Presenter Remote/Clicker and also with IR Control of the Projector
You can also configure the remote to become a Presenter Remote via the mobile app; allowing you to seamlessly transition between slides and also freezing frames on the projector. Remodo VC is designed to help make you more efficient and productive at web conferencing, remote learning and teaching. The remote is currently in final build design, ready for production, mobile apps development stage and has a dedicated Indiegogo campaign of which funds will be used to help enhance the product’s distribution and app development. The campaign will be available on Indiegogo for 60 days beginning in early October 2020; click the link below to discover exclusive Indiegogo perks and more.

For Students and Teachers, we will be offering exclusive free access to Deltapath’s Dolby-grade with a complimentary web conferencing account for 3 months (value of US$30). Moreover, for anyone who shares our campaign to any social media platforms, we will be offering FREE mobile app privileges to use the Remodo VC as an IR extender (value of US$15).

The Remodo VC is available at a value-driven crowdfunding project price of US$33. By pledging to support this Indiegogo campaign, the Remodo VC can be purchased for under the future retail price of US$48. The ultimate goal for this campaign is to amass US$6,500 in funding. If all goes well, the Remodo VC will begin shipping in late April 2021.

For more information regarding Remodo VC please visit our website.

About Remotec Technology Limited
Remotec Technology Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1988 as a division of Bondwell Computers and has been specializing in designing, shipping home automation and remote control products worldwide. With clients from all across the globe, Remotec’s capabilities and innovations have kept customers satisfied for over 30 years. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and had launched its first universal remote in the 1980’s and had been developing home control solutions in Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ULE protocols.

Remodo VC

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