Rockchip RKi6000 Smart Home Products Unveiled at MWC 2016

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) was formally opened! IoT smart hardware attracted great attentions during the show. Black-tech of Rockchip – IoT terminal products powered by global ultralow power WiFi RKi6000 were launched at the same time, and two applications, household lighting and HiFi sound system were exhibited, becoming one of the highlights of MWC.

Rockchip RKi6000

Low power WiFi has become a core factor in IoT. Last year, Rockchip launched ultralow WiFi RKi6000. Power consumption of RKi6000 is equivalent to BT4.0 LE (Low Energy). It can be applied in the fields of smart home, home appliance, home control center, and even medical care, transportation and military. This revolutionary low power WiFi solution has attracted great attentions of the entire industry.

At the booth of Rockchip, the measurement platform for development board of RKi6000 was demonstrated to visitors. According to the data, the power consumption of a smart bulb powered by RKi6000 is about 75% lower than that using traditional WiFi solution. At the time of lighting up, the instantaneous power consumption of RKi6000 bulb is merely 0.08w/h, while the traditional WiFi smart bulb is 0.2w/h. This means the power consumption of RKi6000 is merely 1/4 of the traditional solution.

The power consumption of the sound system powered by RKi6000 is 65% lower than that using traditional WiFi solution. The real-time current of playing HiFi music via RKi6000 sound system is merely 23mA, while the traditional WiFi sound system is up to 60mA.

Rockchip also announced the strategic plan of “Open source platform of ultralow WiFi RKi6000”, and the senior vice-president Chen Feng of Rockchip presented that: “we welcome the IoT companies, teams and smart hardware makers from the world to jointly develop the new stage of IoT!”It is known that by submitting development projects, the developers worldwide may apply for the development model and tool of RKi6000.

It only took Rockchip half a year from launching to final mass production of the IoT Ultralow WiFI solution RKi6000. The exhibition of smart products powered by RKi6000 at MWC has no doubt accelerated the development of IoT commercial applications, and meanwhile, helped gradually form the scaled and standardized industrial pattern.

Rockchip RKi6000 Rockchip RKi6000

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