Smart Home Xiaomi and Aqara, what is the difference between the same products?

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Aqara is a self-owned brand of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company lumi Technology. Since its launch in 2016, it has won the top spot among many global first-line brands with its exquisite design and excellent quality.

Aqara brand products cover a single device application and the entire home automation system, equipment types include sensors, intelligent controllers, etc., and have self-developed mobile phone applications and advanced data analysis platform. The same product, Xiaomi also has, what is the difference between these same products?

Xiaomi Mijia multi-function gateway vs Aqara gateway
The gateway is an indispensable part of the smart home. It is the place where the ZigBee protocol and WiFi communication are converted, and has certain computing and storage capabilities. Xiaomi gateway has night light function (supporting color light), FM function, brightness monitoring.

Aqara Gateway can access Mijia APP and Homekit, which can support Xiaoai speaker and SiRi voice control at the same time, but can not access the door lock, but Mijia multi-function gateway can not access Homekit but can connect More equipment.

Xiaomi Home Air Conditioning Companion VS Aqara Air Conditioning Controller
Aqara air conditioning companion and Mijia air conditioning companion in addition to the shape and price, other hardware aspects are not much different. Aqara air-conditioning companion (upgrade version) has more intelligent energy-saving, the so-called smart power-saving is to automatically determine whether the air-conditioning is in standby state and automatically power off, the price is slightly higher.

Xiaomi Home Body Sensor VS Aqara Human Body Sensor
Aqara human body sensor is Aqara human light sensor strictly. It has a light sensor than the human body sensor. It can judge the brightness of the indoor light. It also has a base bracket, which can make the body sensor 180. Rotate to adjust the detection angle. The price is 89 yuan, which is 30 yuan more expensive than the Mi family. The movement of the object in the usual life is not a problem with the light and the light itself. The bracket still plays a very useful role. As for how to choose, it depends on you.

Xiaomi Mijia VS Aqara temperature and humidity sensor ​
The Aqara temperature and humidity pressure sensor has one more air pressure sensor than the Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor, which can display the current atmospheric pressure. At present, there is no soft function, but I heard that there will be use in the future.

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