Sportneer Launches First-to-Market Smart Ankle Weights

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Precision Training & Toning: Sportneer Launches First-to-Market Smart Ankle Weights to Help Americans Exercise More Efficiently. New Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are integrated with a heart rate monitor and motion sensor to provide personalized data on workout performance.


Your workout just got smarter. Sportneer, the maker of fitness gear backed by the science of sport engineering, today introduced the industry’s first smart ankle weight: the Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights. The first-of-its-kind ankle weights are integrated with a motion sensor and heart rate chip to monitor workout intensity and performance level, perfect for beginners to help them train smartly from the start.

The TrainNTrack Ankle Weights integrate a 6-axis gyroscope sensor, equipped with 3 axes to measure the rate of turn and three axes to measure acceleration, to track the movements of a workout with high precision. The weights pair seamlessly with the Sportneer app and thanks to the advanced sensor technology, users receive a detailed summary of each workout, including statistics on training duration, calories burned, and insights on how accurately the exercises were performed.

To motivate users to improve, a scoring system is used to provide a value to each workout and the higher the accuracy, the higher the score. A built-in heart rate monitor helps users be more aware of their overall state, performance and workout fatigue, providing clearer indication of when it’s time to slow down or turn up the volume on intensity. The tutorials section of the app provides guidance on what kind of exercises are best to incorporate the TrainNTrack Ankle Weights, so every athlete feels supported. It’s as easy as strapping on the weights to start tracking fitness performance.

Unlike conventional ankle weights, the TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are constructed with innovative materials like soft iron stuffing that holds its shape without being shifted, providing durability, versatility, and comfort for any workout. The weights also sport high-strength Velcro and best-in-class hook-and-loop fasteners, so whether the weights are used on the ankles, wrists or are handheld, they can be trusted to stay in place. The TrainNTrack Ankle Weights are a simple way to add intensity to low impact workout methods like walking, yoga, Pilates, core training, aerobics and more.

“The Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights truly stand out as a product that understands your health, perhaps even better than you do. This product represents everything we believe in as a brand – using engineering and technology to enhance one of the most fundamental fitness products to help people move better whether they are at home, in the gym or on the go” said Eric He, Founder and CEO of Sportneer Global. “We’re thrilled to introduce this addition to our ankle weight line to help everyone from the beginner to the professional athlete better understand their bodies and what they are capable of.”

The Sportneer TrainNTrack Ankle Weights will initially be available on Kickstarter on 28th Oct, 2021 and will later be available on Amazon for as low as $99. For more information on the Kickstarter project.

The Sportneer App is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. To learn more about the Sportneer family of products or mobile app, please visit Sportneer official website.

About Sportneer
Sportneer Global was founded in 2016 with the focus of helping athletes of all levels, from amateur to elite, better enjoy the world of sports and fitness. The company’s mission is to develop all products with the knowledge of sport engineering to help improve results and performance when working out. With a growing family of product lines for fitness, cycling and outdoor adventures, Sportneer aims to offer the most accessible, reliable, and comfortable gear for a stronger, healthier and happier you.

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