Staying on Top of Your Grades When Studying From Home

This is the most unusual “back to school” period ever. In fact, many students won‘t even be going back to school at all, but rather will be attending classes and completing assignments entirely from their bedroom at home. This is not just a blow to party-lovers, it‘s also a major blow for those who want to ace their exams and get good grades.

Take Control of Your Time
The biggest difference between studying at home compared to being on campus is the lack of structure. While on campus you can passively follow your daily schedule and turn up to all your lectures and seminars basically on auto-pilot, at home studying becomes a much more active experience. It also places much greater demands on your willpower and organization skills, so it‘s essential to get into a rhythm and avoid all the temptations and distractions that surround you (stay away from those cat videos!). This is easier said than done, but writing down a clear study timetable for each day is a good start.

There are also all kinds of tools, apps, and plugins you can download for helping to keep you focused on the task at hand. For example, the StayFocusd Chrome plugin allows you to set a time limit for websites you‘re prone to waste time in. Restrict yourself to 30 minutes per day on Youtube and take back control of your day.

Maximize Productivity
There‘s plenty of scope for well-organized and well-equipped students to do well while studying remotely. A simple way to boost productivity is to hook up a second display to your laptop. If classes are conducted over Zoom or some other video conferencing software, students often find their ability to multitask is greatly reduced. With the video taking up the single screen, it can be awkward to take notes in another program or quickly look a detail up on Wikipedia while the teacher is talking.

By connecting a second screen, you are free to refer to as many browser tabs as you like, and all while not missing a second of the main video feed. It‘s best to keep the video on the laptop (due to it having the webcam), and then have a nice widescreen monitor placed to the side. It‘s amazing how much more convenient this setup is, and it prevents you from getting flustered in moments where you‘re trying to speak while referring to something else.

It‘s also beneficial even when not on a video call. Day to day document management is so much easier with all that extra space to play with.

AUKEY has a wide range of hubs that are ideal for connecting another display to, both for HDMI and VGA monitors. This 12-in-1 USB-C Hub even allows you to connect three monitors (2 via HDMI, 1 via VGA) in addition to every other kind of port you could possibly need. The sleek and stylish Link PD Pro also allows for 4K video expansion in addition to plenty of other ports.

Keep in Touch with Classmates
One of the biggest challenges of studying at home is the lack of social interaction. It‘s easy to feel disconnected from others and from university in general, which can affect morale and your inclination to study. It‘s a good idea to arrange video chats with classmates to chat about coursework or discuss the most recent lecture. Studying at home can be a lonely business, and sharing the experience with others can only be beneficial, both for your grades and your general well-being.

A Good Pair of Earbuds
Whether it‘s video chats or lectures, it‘s usually best to listen using earphones. Not only does this not disturb others in the household, but it also allows you to hear more clearly, which can be important during choppy Zoom calls with lots of participants. It‘s also handy if the headphones include a microphone, as this will usually provide better quality audio than the microphone on your computer and is conveniently placed near your mouth. Wireless earbuds are also much less restrictive than wired equivalents when you‘re sitting at the computer all day. It‘s much better to be able to get up and walk around without tugging on the cable all the time.

AUKEY‘s T21 True Wireless Earbuds are an extremely affordable and highly capable pair of earbuds that tick all of the above boxes. And if you want something a bit more premium, with the award-winning T10 True Wireless Earbuds you can study in style.

Keep All Your Devices Charged
If you‘re going to have a full and productive day of studying, you don‘t want to get caught out with a low battery. Many students use tablets such as the iPad Pro for notetaking or video calls, and scrambling for the charger in the middle of a seminar isn‘t a good look. AUKEY has a range of powerful chargers that can charge both USB-C laptops and mobile devices at the same time, and all at top speed. Using one compact charger instead of two bulky ones keeps things neat and means you can keep everything charged in unison.

The ultra-compact Omnia Mix 65W is a great choice for the power and versatility it offers (full-speed charging for a 13″ MacBook Pro, with an extra port for mobile device charging), while the Focus Duo 30W is ideal for MacBook Air or iPad Pro users. The full range of chargers can be found here.


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