Tempotec V6 is Launching on Kickstarter for an Unbelievable Affordable Price

Tempotec V6 DSD512 Android 8.1 HiFi Music Player will be launched on Kickstarter on September 5, 2022, at 9AM EDT | 6AM PT. You can order it with a big discount, and the early bird price is starting from only $269 for Tempotec V6 + Case + 64GB micro SD card + 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec.

Kickstarter rewards

Rewards price description discount MSRP
V6+case+64G micro SD+ 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec $269 super early bird price 32.5% off $399
V6+case+64G micro SD+ 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec $279 early bird price 30% off $399
V6+case+64G micro SD + 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec +Seeds II(Black 3.5mm) $319 40% off $528
V6+case+64G micro SD + 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec +WH2 TWS Earbuds(single dynamic) $319 40% off $548
V6+case+64G micro SD + 6 traditional Chinese folk music recorded by TempoTec +Serenade X $449 25.3%off $668

Meet Tempotec V6 HiFi Music Player
Everyone loves music, however, most of the HiFi DAPs on the market are either single in function or overpriced. If you are seeking an affordable HiFi DAP with improving sound quality, hi-res audio support designed for audiophiles, and even as powerful and smart as your phone, it’s time to invest in the TempoTec V6 – the best mid-range music players focused on delivering top-end specification and sound quality.

The TempoTec V6 supports practically all lossless audio formats including DSD512 and MQA 16x. The customized Android system of the V6 makes the system optimized for audio, allowing you to enjoy the purity of bit-perfect music on your favorite music apps, local or streaming on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and YouTube Music, even 24bit/96kHz hi-res music on Apple Music. Nowadays, you may look for the best Hi-Fi experience plus the convenience of wireless audio, that’s why we are going to launch a new remote-control app on the V6 – by casting the V6 display to a smartphone or tablet under WiFi, you can control your V6 remotely and enjoy true wireless HiFi audio through your home audio systems / wireless headphones anytime.

The Tempotec V6 adopts two AK4493SEQ for digital-to-analog conversion. TempoTec always like to use AKM chips. Since the first desktop DAC ‘Fantasia’ in 2005, AKM 4396 has been used, because we like AKM’s transparency in high frequency. The analog circuit of Tempotec V6 is a more elaborate designed part, and it is also the first time we have done a more complicated analog circuit. That because we are facing a different listening system this time. In the past, the desktop decoder was mainly used for the speaker system. The low frequency of the speaker system was basically solved by the size of the woofer. However, when the headphone system is inherently limited, it is necessary to further optimize the sound in the analog circuit. Fortunately, through the careful adjustment of the four versions of the analog circuit, we have retained AKM DAC’s original transparency and spirituality in the mid-frequency and high-frequency, considering AKM’s chip lack of low-frequency (bass), we also designed the circuit to achieve the cohesion and dive depth of the low frequency.

The Tempotec V6 digital clock part is used a high-precision active crystal oscillator and FPGA, oscillator provides a stable clock source, and FPGA is used to remove phase noise. After so many years of audio product design experience, we have found that phase noise has a greater impact on sound quality than accuracy.

The device offers its users a lag-free experience and a smooth user interface. It takes your portable musical experience to an all-new level with its quality features such as the premium audio chipset, dual DAC chips, full 16x MQA unfolding, two-way Hi-Res Bluetooth support, multiple ports and many more. It allows users to take full benefit of master quality music files with its high-resolution support. The player supports PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD512 natively.

Tempotec V6 supports two-way Hi-Res Bluetooth support. It can be connected to Bluetooth headphones and speakers for wireless music enjoyment. It assures high-resolution streaming quality with Hi-Res Bluetooth transmission codec support such as LDAC, AptX HD, and more. Tempotec V6 is loaded with an open Android 8.1.0 as OS. It allows the users to experience thousands of music, streaming, and podcasting applications. Tempotec V6 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 as CPU with 2GB of RAM, for a smooth user interface experience.

Bonus: Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, TikTok, Netflix, Filmbox+, Youtube, Youtube Music and many more video streaming applications are working just great on Tempotec V6, so you can always listen amazing quality music and watch to your favourite movies and TV series in your best portable device yet.

Photo gallery full album here. Official webpage here. Read more about Tempotec products here.

About Tempotec. TempoTec Corp. is established by a group of audiophiles. We’ve been pursuing the better sound quality, and the more convenient user experience. Our multinational team is integrated the experts from China, Taiwan, Korea & Germany, such as “Music has no boundaries”. All these best experts have more than 20 years of audio system development experience. From product plan, technical research, product application to user interface, we try hard to present the finest, the most friendly products, to share our fantastic experience with all audiophiles. As new technology leads, we believe there will be more music played, transmitted, streamed from PC , mobile phones, and more portable devices. Accuracy is the uniqueness in the digital world, needs accumulating technologies. However, the final format of music is always analog. So besides of the advanced digital audio processing technology, we also listen to the feedback of users and discover the potential needs, create new product with user-oriented, and share fine listening experience with music lovers. We expectation ourselves the reduction of true sound. Technology and humanity, is the soul and goal of TempoTec.

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