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When you’re buying a personal smartphone, you surely have some expectations. For example, a lot of people find it necessary to have a stylish design and user-friendly interface. But if you’re looking for a business device, you’ll probably need a quite different set of features.

It goes without saying that your smartphone should last a long time between charges, give you an opportunity to work with all types of software you need, and have a big enough screen. Though there are a lot of technological devices on the market these days, not all tick these boxes, that’s why we want to provide you with a list of the best phone for business you can purchase without delays.

iPhone 12
Who is the No 1 company in mobile? We bet you’re absolutely not surprised to see the newest main-series smartphone from Apple on the top of our list. It is just because it is really a great business device that is packed to the brim with top-end specs:
● incredible OLED display;
● 5G compatibility;
● great productivity;
● great rear cameras;
● MagSafe system.

Besides, you shouldn’t worry about any sort of software since all the developers create their tools for iOS. Some of them are free but consider downloading the ones that require your investments. For example, don’t forget to install a VPN for iPhone — the tool that will protect your connection wherever you are. While you’re traveling abroad or drinking coffee in the next coffee shop, your iPhone is vulnerable and can be attacked by hackers until you install the VPN that creates an encrypted tunnel and hides your real IP address. Speaking about business purposes, such tools as VeePN provide you with an opportunity of multiple connections so that your employees can stay connected with your account. You can download the app and try its opportunities to understand how exactly it works for you. After your trial, you’ll get access to more than 50 locations worldwide. Don’t miss such an opportunity to protect your iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

iPhones are really popular these days, but if you ask most people which phone is most used in world, it won’t be the only brand they’ll remember. The Korean Samsung brand is a recognized leader in the technology market, and if you’re looking for a mobile for business, you can definitely choose this option. Besides, it is a good decision if you’re not into iOS and prefers the Android operating system that is considered to be more user-friendly. We recommend you consider Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — the top device from the previous year. It has an incredible chipset, a 108 MP main camera, a super high-res screen, and other opportunities that will come in handy regardless of your business specialization. Most VPN for ios applications work well with Android as well, so don’t worry about your protection; it is still guaranteed if you don’t forget to install the required software.

Google Pixel 5

If the iPhone and Samsung don’t satisfy your curiosity when you’re wondering Which phone is most used in US, it is time to proceed to the next great leader, and it is Google. Its newest flagship is the most accessible, and you should choose it for its metal case and clean Android interface. The good news is that the Veepn, the VPN for iPhone we have described above, works well with Google Pixel 5. You will appreciate its top-class camera and 5-G compatibility, so you and your employees will receive access to the next generation of data connectivity. These days, that’s almost a must-have on great user phones.

iPhone SE

If you or your colleagues like an iPhone for VPN for ios or functionality features but don’t need a top-end device like the iPhone 2012, a decent alternative is a previous model that was launched in spring 2020. It looks like the iPhone 8 (which surely was the answer to the which phone is most used in world? question), but it will surprise you with a cutting-edge chipset as well as relevant software. Install the reliable VPN for iPhone, and you’ll get a well-protected mid-range phone that is able to meet all your business expectations.

One Plus 8

It is impossible to go wrong with the One Plus 8 smartphone that blends an affordable price with some incredible opportunities all business people might find useful. Take a look at this list of features:
● smooth UI;
● 90 Hz refresh rate;
● 4300 mAh battery;
● great processing power;
● 5G compatibility.

It means you get the opportunities of Samsung’s devices for a much lower price. So, if your company really needs that fast and reliable smartphone that works well with most VPN apps, this choice would really be useful.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you’re looking for a business device with a huge screen, top-end cameras, and large battery capacity (what else might be needed?), then this one is for you. We can’t say it is the most affordable option on the market, but it is not so easy to choose a reliable device that would be cheap enough. It is better to invest in your smartphone as well as in VPN apps that keep your data safe. Along with 100% safety, you get outstanding camera performance and amazing display. It also has a pretty big screen to see lots of work.

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