TKZK Wave, Latest Dual Driver Hybrid Earphones From Tin HiFi Sub-Brand

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TKZK is a new brand from the parent company Tin HiFi. Tin HiFi is a well-known brand among audiophiles for its high-quality in-ear monitors. TKZK is a new beginning from their side focusing primarily on the earphone market specifically in the budget segment. TKZK has entered the international market with its debutant product today, the TKZK Wave.


Wave is a dual-driver hybrid set of high-resolution in-ear monitors equipped with a dual-driver hybrid configuration(1DD+1BA) on each side. The pair has a beautiful design with 3D-printed ear cavities. The cavities here are made up of skin-friendly resin material with a UV polished surface. TKZK has expertise in sound tuning thanks to the years of experience of their parent company Tin HiFi. TKZK comes at a very competitive price point of 30$, check out more details here.

– Premium Dual driver hybrid configuration(1DD+1BA).
– Dual voice-coil dynamic driver.
– Customised balanced armature driver.
– Elegant UV Resin ear shells.
– Balanced sound tuning.
– High-purity silver-plated cable.

Technical Specifications
– Impedance: 22Ω.
– Sensitivity: 110±3dB.
– Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz.
– Max distortion: 3%@1kHz.
– Standard 0.75mm 2-pin connectors.
– Straight 3.5mm gold-plated termination plug.

Superior Sound With Dual Driver Hybrid Configuration
TKZK has used the expertise of its parent company (Tin HiFi) in order to design its debutant product with a dual-driver hybrid configuration. They have equipped the wave with a dual-driver hybrid configuration consisting of a classic combination of 1 dynamic and 1 balanced armature driver. TKZK has used a composite diaphragm dynamic driver with dual voice coils paired to a custom-developed balanced armature driver for a powerful sound performance.

Elegant Build With 3D Printed UV Resin Cavities
The ear cavities in TKZK wave are built using high-precision 3D printing technology. TKZK has used high-quality skin-friendly Resin material which is UV polished for a classy and elegant look with its earphones. Each pair of Wave is designed with utmost precision to maintain good quality for the users.

Professional Tuning
Professional acoustic engineers have tuned the TKZK Wave to present a balanced sound for its users. The dynamic driver produces some deep hitting bass slams while the balanced armature driver maintains high-resolution clarity with excellent detail retrieval. You are greeted with a smooth and lovely sound that brings your favorite music to life.

High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable
In order to maintain good clarity in the output, TKZK has designed a silver-plated copper cable for Wave. This cable uses a total of 100 wires of high-purity material that provides low internal resistance to the audio signal. It ensures you get the best performance out of your earphones. This cable uses standard 2-pin connectors and a gold-plated 3.5mm termination plug for easy connectivity.

Price & Availability
TKZK is officially launched for just 30$.

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