Top 10 most asked questions on Argentina employee’s computer monitoring laws

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Worker screening in Argentina is actually acknowledged and also enabled for companies that desire to check their workers on legit occupational premises. This has to be actually carried out in a means that complies with the legislation.

1. Is staff member tracking lawful in Argentina?
Yes. Argentinian constitution and also work legislations (Argentina Employment Contract Act 20,744) enable the company to regulate specific staff members’ tasks at the place of work to attain company goals.

2. Is it lawful to track business’s personal computers?
Yes. Argentinian labor regulations make it possible for the company to monitor all tasks accomplished on provided computer systems and also some other digital units offered to the employee to guarantee that devices are actually utilized for job-related reasons and not unlawful task, info fraud, or even abuse.

3. Is it lawful to check worker web as well as social networks?
Yes. No particular regulations manage the usage of the Internet as well as social media in the Argentinian work environment, but the company can easily track the worker’s computer system as well as world wide web tasks (what web sites he/she goes to on a work unit as well as for exactly how long).

4. Is it lawful to check screen materials and also keystrokes?
Yes. In Argentina, it is actually lawful to observe display information as well as every keystroke on the employer-provided personal computer.

5. Is it lawful to track e-mail material?
Yes. It must be actually taken note that all devices offered to the employee ought to be actually made use of exclusively for job functions and the company may regulate the use of such gadgets.

6. Is it lawful to document or even record telephone calls?
Due to the fact that there are actually no regulations on audio and tracking phone chats, this is actually still a grey area in Argentina. Article 19 of the National Constitution of Argentina emphasizes the “right to privacy.”That being stated, documenting or even recording is actually allowable if authorization is provided or the monitoring/recording is actually needed to safeguard the company’s reputable image.

7. Is it lawful to make use of video recording in the office?
Yes. That said, Section 71 of the changed Argentina National Employment Act (NEL) delivers limitations on the company’s potential to do video monitoring in the office. According to NEL, a company preferring to utilize video recording has to educate workers regarding the tracking via in-depth policies.

8. Is it lawful to check privatemessages as well as e-mail material?
Yes. If a provider possesses very clear plans on the restriction of sending out and also obtaining private notifications as well as e-mails on company units throughout and also after operating hrs.

9. Is it lawful to monitor staff members’ private devices?
Yes. If the worker executes job tasks on anpersonal unit. In this case, it ought to be actually taken note that the worker is actually liable to the company throughout marked working hrs., and also the company may limit their usage in the course of operating hrs. if they prefer to.

10. Which employee monitoringsoftware to pick?
Workexaminer is offer a free to install version that will allow you to monitor the activity of your employees in the least invasive manner possible.

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