Ulefone Metal Comes to Set Up 2016 New Standard for 5′ Smartphone

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Though big display has become the mainstream in mobile phone market, we believe half of you still like to choose mid-sized devices that offer balanced operational and viewing experiences.

Ulefone Metal

That’s why we release at least two 5-inch models every year, one for budget and another for high performance. Have you ever asked yourself what a top-rank 5-inch device looks like in the year of 2016? Well, we have offered our answer with our newest model. It comes in the name of Ulefone Metal. And it smells like this:

1. Premium Design Approached with Metal Unibody and 2.5D Glass
Ulefone Metal adopts magnesium-aluminum alloy unibody and 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass. CNC cutting technique has kept the natural texture of metal while grit blasting will make the surface of phone body feel exquisite. There is also slight curve on the edges of body to offer comfortable grip while chiming in with slightly curved 2.5D glass on the front side. In general, Ulefone Metal will have a solid yet smooth aura that premium devices nowadays should have.

2. Better Multitasking Experience with 3GB RAM
Inside Ulefone Metal, there are MTK6753 octa-core 64-bit chipset, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, and 16GB storage. The big RAM will remarkably enhance the phones’s multitasking performance while save you from the burden of frequent program clearance. MTK6753 has proven its capability on most phones with 1080P display, so 720p resolution won’t be a big deal for its MALI T720 GPU. That’s why you will feel delightful smoothness on Ulefone Metal during Web browsing, social networking, gaming, and photography.

3. Faster and Safer Unlock with Latest Fingerprint Scanner
Ulefone Metal adopt the latest generation of fingerprint scanner which will allow you to unlock in 0.2 seconds and only one out of 100 unlocks will fail. Besides, you can register at most 5 fingerprint IDs with each to open a specific app from sleep mode.

4. 1.5-day Normal Use with 3050mAh Big Battery
3050mAh battery will have equal performance on 5-inch HD device as 4500mAh battery for 5.5-inch FHD device. MTK6753 and Android 6.0 are also energy efficient. As a result, 1.5-day normal use or 1-day heavy use is out of question.

5. Better Photos with Sony IMX149 Camera
IMX 149 camera adopts Sony’s 3rd generation CMOS technology. In terms of pixel quality, dark light treatment, energy efficiency, and imaging speed, it all performs better than other 8MP cameras. And a 5-piece lens kit have been equipped to ensure imaging quality. The number of pixels is not decisive to image quality. After using Ulefone Metal, you’ll believe that.

6.  Optimized Android 6.0 and Amazing New Features
The Marshmallow on Ulefone Metal is so optimized like a sophisticated conductor to lead an orchestra of excellent players in performing a harmonious melody. It has best coordinated the operation of all the excellent components aforementioned so as to deliver smooth user experience. It will also offer user-friendly tweaks like multitask window, manual mode in camera, and GUI in Settings while these features will make the Metal’s Android 6.0 distinctive.

What we have offered on Ulefone Metal has been persuasive, and we promise the price will be even sweater. You just have to wait a few days and when the price come out, we believe you will not hesitate to place an order. Before that, please join the giveaway events on our website and Facebook to give your prediction.


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