Ulefone Metal – HD Truely Means High Definition

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As you know our 3GB-RAM metallic device Ulefone Metal has adopted a 5-inch HD display. We have chosen the 5-inch size for single-handed operation and HD resolution for higher  smoothness with MALI T720 GPU.

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Of course we have sacrifice some viewing experience for better use, but on the other other hand, we have also tried to make it up. Most of you may not know that displays from the same fabricator, with the same size and resolution, can be remarkably different from each other. And display makers will categorize them into four ranks from A to D on the basis of quality, while the prices for A-rank and D-rank displays can have huge gap. That partly tells why some phone makers can offer high specs for crazy low price, but that’s not our strategy.

We have always chosen A-rank displays for our phones while on Ulefone Metal, we have applied even stricter standard. First of all, we have made sure that every pixel has absolutely equal brightness before people’s eyes, so images will look very pure. Second, all pixels must be able to show neutral and true-to-life colors to form a delightful picture. Besides, the backlights have high and stable light emitting frequency so that people will not sense the fresh of display. In a word, you will not regret buying Ulefone Metal with its HD display, because here HD not only is the synonym of  of 1280x720p, but also tells what you will feel in real life.


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